What demon would work for this?

So someone that I was seeing for about a year and doing constant spell work on (love spells) has come back into my life after he ended things 4 months ago. I should preface by saying, we have genuine attraction and a strong connection already before the shellwork was done. We had even slept together before I ever did a love spell on him. Anyway, I thought our relationship was a magick fail because I was trying really hard to manifest him to ask me to be his exclusive girlfriend. He had already said “I love you”, and we had so much fun together, however he was not in a good place mentally. Also he knew I wanted a relationship and he was not in a place to have one. So he texted me recently, we hangout a few days later and the chemistry was instantly back. He said we would hangout again soon.

Anyway in the 4 months we were apart, I know that he hung out with at least other 2 other girls. Now that he’s back, I want to try to do magick on him again and manifest this relationship. The last time I was manifesting things with him I think I did go overboard, I worked with as many as 6 demons at once with the ultimate goal of manifesting a relationship with him.

So, I want to get any competition out of his life. Last time I worked magick on him I worked with Leraje. My command was: Destroy target’s romantic and sexual relationship with any woman other than me, so that target is happily dating only me."

I don’t know exactly what the results were. I do know that almost every time I did the ritual, the target texted me right after and asked to see me.

Should I do that command again? Or is there another way to crush the competition?

In case it helps the situation, the guy is extremely wealthy and successful, so he is definitely viewed as a catch. He’s also very young (early 30’s).

As far as I know Astaroth is good for love related situations. Then again I never go near love nor do I use magick to gain it due to some morals. Anyway I’d say you should ask Astaroth for some help in the matter or do some voodoo love spells. They seem to be quite effective with people.