What demon or spirit is best to help me get what I desire

I want to become an emo rapper and be able to freestyle rap and sing and make up lyrics like Juice WRLD. What demon or spirit is best to help me reach what I desire?

Please use the search function. This has been asked plenty of times and there were some good responses from it, if I recall correctly.


Do you have any actual talent? Not even demons can create something from nothing.

…and if you do have any talent, are you willing to meet the spirit halfway and do your part, work and develop your skills to become what you aspire? It’s not something that happens overnight, you have to be willing to put in some work.

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I can make lyrics and put it into some good verses but I have a terrible voice.

Well your first step is to improve your voice.

I think I recall reading successful posts here about King Paimon helping people with practicing and improving their singing voice. You might want to look into those posts/experiences. As for lyrics, maybe Aim could help with that one? Aside from creativity, also experienced him really boosting up one’s motivation and energy to continuously create and write. Phenex, from the previous thread I was in, also comes to mind with both the singing and songwriting.

Though personally, I’d like to ask if you searched through any mundane solutions first. For example, have you tried looking into voice lessons/classes? I think even during this time of the pandemic, there are still ongoing voice lessons/classes online. :slight_smile:

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