What demon is this? (with image)

Can you tell me what demon you think this is just by this simple crappy sketch I drew while scrying in my black mirror? I want to see if you can identify him to make sure I am seeing the demon correctly. My astral sight is fully awakened but it’s still a really new feeling to me so this is a test for myself to see if you can give me the same name.

You see, I asked for him to appear to me and this was the what he looked like when he came, I drew a fast sketch of him which is not very good because I was in theta/gamma, but I want to make sure my eyes are not playing tricks on me or that this is not just some random spirit pretending to be who i thought it really was.

Oh and, the 6 things coming out of its head are horns. He has 3 sets of horns, each pair slightly longer than the other. Longest horns are in the top middle of his head, and shortest horns are the ones just above where ears would be on a human, but I swear he did not have any ears or at least if he did, I could not see them.

I’m as high as god’s nutsac right now. Like whoa, I am seeing Satanic and Goetic sigils flashing in front of my face, but mainly seeing sigils I have never even seen before. They look wicked as hell but I have no clue where to look to see if these sigils I saw actually belong to a specific entity. I will consider posting them later on, after I figure out what they are and what they are for.

edit: wait that made no sense, I may need some help to figure out what they are. Just give me some time to see how many come thru to me. If I post these symbols and sigils I am seeing i want to post them all so you can tell me if they are related.


Your description and sketch, resemblance Moloch which is an old god of the Canaanites, a sacrificial god from Africa. The myths and legends about Moloch have spread, for the last 60-70 years, to Europe and he is pretty known in English literature. He’s been mentioned as early as 1667 in John Milton’s book “Paradise Lost”. Maybe you should investigate this further?

Thank you Succupedia. I have just been experiementing with my 5 senses during altered states of consciousness (some self created training exercises) and for some reason, this entity keeps appearing to me. The drawing was not the best representation but like I said, I was not fully alert when I sketched it so I didn’t get very detailed as I didn’t want the motions of drawing to pull me up out of my trance.

But I had some interesting symbols come thru, they were appearing in the air in front if me in a deep red color, looked like they were made of some type of rusted metal that was covered in blood or maybe the corrosion from the rust was just turning it red, with hints of deep yellow and brown. This definitely seemed like a demon or an ancient god that is also known as a demon in some cultures. I did not get the sense that he was part of the Goetia, and I was so enchanted by the imagery that was coming thru it didn’t even think to ask his name.

Sorry if I am being annoying with this post, seeing this kind of stuff is still new to me so I am a little unsure of what to make of all this. Also, I started to fall asleep a few times last night while sitting up on my bed and something was moving my ink pen. When I woke up there were words on the paper in a foreign language that looked hebrew or arabic, I have no idea what it said, but whatever was writing thru me had perfect control over my hand. Usually when I try automatic writing, there are illegible scribbles all over but whatever this was, did it while I was fading in and out of consciousness.

I also keep seeing the number 333 everywhere I look. May just be a coincidence but I have no clue what that would even begin to relate to.

In some instances, Moloch share some resemblance to the “Horned God”, like Pan and Cernunnos, but the sacrifices to him were pretty gore and it involved children.

Whether it’s him or not, is your task to find out. His name was the first to come to my mind, when I saw your drawing.

Maybe it is a coincidence, but your amount of posts was at “333” with your reply.

Whow, moloch’s name keeps appearing nowadays…

okay, looking at some drawings of Moloch, the images I am seeing do have an uncanning resemblance to the entity I saw in some instances, but most just show him as a bull. But I don’t doubt that I may have gotten several details wrong as I was out of it so I the more I look at images ,the more I think what I thought was another set of horns could have actually been ears. The visual was very strong but I was in a highly altered conscious state so visuals were over lapping and it was just weird.

What I thought was a 3rd set of horns or antlers possibly, could have been just an unusually shaped head, but the chin was very pointy. I will try to find out here in a little bit.

Only strict being i saw in my mind, when i had been awake for long yesterday (over 30 hours at the end) was this horseman in a suit, very angry one - i think it had bull like horns too. but yeah still this reminded me of that… both are related to bull anyways. and creatures ov the hoof.

I also realize this post is a little confusing, but I was having a trip when I wrote it and kept having to retype everything because my words were swirling together in a spiral so the original context is a little different than what I thought I wrote. I was not trying to summon anyone in particular, this entity just appeared to me several times, every time I went into a dark room then suddenly after I decided to do the trip, when the good stuff finally kicked in he was right in front of me in broad daylight. I saw him a few days ago too in my mirror.

but I’m not finding any deep information on him, it’s all christianized and only mentions him and child sacrifice and I didn’t offer him any children in my family so I don’t know what he would want from me. I will find out, but it’s just strange if that is really Moloch because I cannot find anything on what he was known for besides the sacrifice thing or what he could help me with.

Oh and Black Flame, this was not a result of being awake for so long. I had already been to bed and then woke up for the next day when all of this happened.

Even if you don’t know why he appears to you, there is puzzles to solve, which is to figure out what he represents. A god of forest or nature is something untamed, raw power. Ever thought about the “berserker” concept? Nature gods, as I see it, is wild and untamed and often goes straight forward to it’s target. If you want something done, there’s no hesitation from their point of view.

After doing an extended research Moloch seems to be associated to Ba’al as a predecessor or of something equal, and he is deeply linked to Ashtoreth/Astarte with her as a consort. In Africa he was renamed as the Greek Titan Kronos.

This is not a small time spirit or entity, who contacted you, if it is Moloch himself. Hope you find some answers to who he really is. This is just a brainstorming/investigation. :slight_smile:

okay that makes sense, because I work with Ashtoreth regularly so if they are consorts, it seems I am unraveling a pattern here. I started working with one particular demon and ever since, those who have been known to associate with them are slowly coming forward and seeking me out, they are calling out to me, not the other way around.