What demon has 35 as numerology?

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Other than the demon Marchosias as the 35th spirit of the goetia, I do not recall any other demon associated with that number. Honestly, the importance of the number 35 seems to be a more modern one as classical numerology tends to focus on numbers 1-9 and repeating numbers if I recall correctly, with the exception of 40 if we look at things from a more Judeo-Chrisitian view.

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What’s it mean?

In a more modern context, 35 is the balance of the influences from 3 (which is things coming together and focused on creation) and from 5 ( which tends to be more focused on change). So, think creative destruction where we destroy one habit and use the time and energy spent on it to create a new one.

But historically speaking, to my knowledge, 35 was not viewed as being as important as numbers such as 333, 999, 666, etc.

You should look up how the demon names are writen in Hebrew, and then calculate them to see if any of them adds up 35. 35 is the number of the name of God “Agla”, but I don’t know any other notorious meaning

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Sweet, I learned something new. Thank you

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There is a book called “777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley”, at the end of the book, there is the gematria dictionary that Crowley and his friend Allan Bennett made.