What demon could help me in being able to get a certain thing?

I ask because I live with a SUPER Christian mother who has locked down all way of Internet access at my house, so I’m using my friends device to write this. So I was wondering, what demon could help me in getting and being able to hide a ,smartphone so I can continue researching new things related to my path (lhp). I know it’s a stupid thing to ask, but I’m kinda desperate.

Sit down… In ritual… Put as much emotion and will into and call out… See who answers… The more energy and will the better…

How do I make sure that no trickster spirits try to impersonate the demon? Will throwing up a circle, grounding, centering, and shielding myself be enough?

And what kind of ritual are you talking about, I’m not really a ritual person? Will it work if I meditate? Or do I have to be in a ritual?

What’s your definition of ritual? A candle and a prayer can be ritual… Feel it… That’s the best advice… If it feels right or wrong that’s your intuition… Go with it! Best advice you can get …

Yeah, I’ll try the candle and prayer, thanks for the tips!