What Demon Can Make Acne Go Away Forever

Hi, I am just wondering what demon would be best to summon to make my ance go away and never come back, thanks.

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Demon Name: Proactiv 3 step System

Color: Blue-white-clear bottle

Planetary Correspondence: Earth

Number: 3

Offerings Required: 1 payment of $29.95

Demon Sigil:


The Element of WATER
Lots of it

This comes from a person that hates the shit. Water clears up acne quick.
Drink multiple bottles of the shit every day for about 2 weeks.
You will be clear


Ok, thanks

I stopped drinking water everyday after two years ago
I have been acne free since
For real :ok_hand:

Get some energy work done on your skin. Have a person remove the blockages in the oil glands and shit




No, that will not help, but nice joke

Studies show it does.

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Toothpaste is the best cure for acne.

I used a sigil to help a friend with their acne. It worked extremely well. Not everything requires a demon…


Straight guy here. Have used semen and urine. I got amazing skin. I broke out badly in high school.

SEMEN and URINE do work. Trust me on this one. If they can used as energetic signatures for entities/deities then they can used as a offering towards ourself.

The semen works as a thick paste which renders the face tight with vital nutrients ‘(eww cum, stfu, that’s your creative force you ain’t eating it)’ and urine which is the cousin of blood due to being closely related on certain molecular levels and functions.

Would advise going for the clearer urine than cum because if you’re a dude you’re going to have to whack one off each time for a facial mask which I’ll claim that whacking your dick does worsen acne.

Urine is not the waste we see it to be, but I wouldn’t be rubbing pee pee on my face unless I know it’s been charged with lots of water and healthy foods.


Drink water, cut out dairy and cut down on sugar as it is inflammatory. Antibiotics from the GP work well and cleanse well daily.


Try this one… put an ice-cube on the acne until it melts. You can take it off the skin when it becomes too painful or you can’t stand the feeling of it, then put it back again. Then dry your skin with clean dry towel.

Do that once or twice a day. Don’t use any medicine with this if you’re going to do it.

You’ll see a difference from the first day, hopefully :slight_smile:

If you wish to use help from a spirit. I suggest Archangel Raphael.


I already cut out meat, I do not think that my parents would like that (i’m a senior in high school)

Just cut down. Dairy is inflammatory. It worked for me when I was a teen. Meds work as it can be cystic acne and be infected. Its probably a hormonal thing too

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  1. Try searching for the goddess Hathor in this forum, she may help, also be ready for spirits to steer you towards answers of a mundane nature.

  2. Try a Venus talisman to draw attractive energy towards you, so that people overlook it, and that will also aid you in finding solutions.

  3. Try to work out what kind of acne you have, is your skin really oily, do you have it elsewhere, what makes it worse, and read some biology textbooks about structure of the skin so you can get a good mental model of what’s going on in your specific case.

Knowledge is its own kind of power, and once you have some, you’ll be able to make more sense of what’s going on here.


You know my son had crazy acne. Cystic acne stage 4 or something like that. And had to have a bunch of biopsies. It was awful. Anyway, they gave him this drug that is extremely regulated and had very bad possible side effects but it worked. He didn’t have problems with it. It was called Isotretinoin. It took a year but he is acne free. I would suggest seeing a doctor if you can at all. I was surprised how much dermatologists can do. Sometimes you can get a free consultation or something. He gave my son free samples and things to help him out. I know its not easy. His was very painful. I wish you luck.



Vitamin C – take 2000 Mg everyday for two weeks… bye bye acne.



I used to go to one, but I hate the medication that thwy gave me it either dried up my face too much (which over time makes ance worse) or it made me feel like I was sick, but thanks anyways, and good it worked for your son

  1. figure out the cause

  2. fix it.

SIMPLES! :smiley:

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