What daemon should I call in times of depression and Frustration?

I’m looking for a daemon who could heal my mental insecurities and frustrations and Give me knowledge and strength to overcome my problems .

If anyone can help me I’d appreciate it.Thank you :slight_smile:

@John_Wizard The Fallen are probably those you want to work with. They tend to be the go to for anything involving mental balance and resolve.

Like Azazel or Samael?

@John_Wizard I of course work with a different pantheon from most, so I have a different list of names. In general though Fallen Angels are good at dealing with this sort of thing.

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Ok. Thanks brother. I’ll look that up :wink:

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I highly recommend Astaroth, especially if you have issues with insecurities, self-love, passion, motivation, etc.

Finally I can actually use my new Goetia here to help someone.

  • Marchosias: As a warrior, he teaches confidence and strength

  • Marbas: If you need healing of any kind, Marbas is helpful for that, as he is a medicine-man. He also gives said knowledge, and from my experience is very easy-going and trusting.

  • Crocell: Softens sharp emotions, because of the water element.

  • Orobas: According to S. Connolly, Orobas has a rather calming energy (which I would attribute to his aura) and he is also a water demon.

  • Vepar: Good to examine emotions. (Is also water)

I haven’t personally worked with some of these demons but I trust that everyone in the listing would be able to help in some way.


Hathor! Not a demon but a very powerful Goddess, and good at making you feel good in your own skin, confident not cocky, and enjoy life as it is right now instead of some imaginary future when everything will be okay. :thumbsup:


Lilith did that for me :slight_smile:


Morrigan. Hekate. Lucifer. Lilith. Ereshkigal.


Go to the spirits you feel closest to. To some it may be Cthulhu, to others it’s Santisima Muerte. It depends on the sorcerer’s interspiritual relationships.


If you can’t physically and emotionally sense a spirit, it doesn’t matter what spirit you call for comfort. But if you do, it’s an amazing experience that takes away your worries and problems in moments of need.

The embrace of a spirit hugging you, feeling the heartbeat as a token of their endless love for you is the most honest affection there is. It takes away your worries of the future and problems of the past, while covering the essence and the importance of NOW, the exact moment you truly need it.

I’m certain most spirits are capable of giving comfort and strength when we truly and deeply need it but you, as a receiver, will reap the rewards of comfort by being able to sense it on a deeper level.