What could this mean

So last night I asked any Goddess of death or any god the I would connect better to please let me know or to show themselves and as I was meditating on it I saw flash or red lit up then quickly Banish then it happen again and quickly Banish again so today I woke up around 5am and went back to sleep then I had a dream of a guy who seen to had his Face painted as a Skeleton with a top hat he seen to be walking towards me and I heard the name Santa Muerte I was confuse I heard the name over and over until I woke up i kinda instantly knew who both of them are I research for a Haitian death god and Baron Samedi pop up he resembles exactly what I saw in my dream I also did some research on Saint death see who she is cuz I kinda already know something about Baron Samedi and dont know much about Saint death


You asked for any goddess or god of death, two of them answered your request. Next step is up to you. Pick one to work with. I would apologize to the other one out of respect.


I love Qayin Rex Mortis Saint Death. To call him just summon him:

Veni Qayin Messor, Mortifer et Occisor!
Veni, veni Letifer, Dominor Tumulus et Falxifer!
Veni, veni Qayin Coronatus!
Veni veni Qayin Rex Mortis!
Veni Baaltzelmoth et Niantiel!
Veni Qayin ben Samael! :heart_eyes:

Qliphothic chant:
Zammazo- Emoot - Zaraqaen Baaltzelmoth

VK jehannum has more info

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Wait who’s Qayin rex Mortis

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its xain, son of samael, the angel of death.

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