What could this mean?

yesterday night after doing some heavy ritual . in my dreams i saw that i was being chased by traffic police bc i was not wearing a helmet .so i ran away from them and entered the parking of a Mall to hide from them. . the mall was like heaven , everywhere gold . beautiful arabic girls like angels .

then after sometime i asked one of the person’s that what was the name of the mall . and that person said that it was " SATAN " mall !!!

so does it mean than satan is trying to convey me something ???

p.s ;- sorry for bad english . i am really sleep deprived right now

Sounds to me like the Matrix prison cards were “$hepherding” you back into your Cell/Cellblock. Well also that depends on how you look at it. If your a good little boy or girl, then Big Daddy Satan will not punish you by giving you a shelacking and locking you in your room (cell) but may do something nice for you like take you shopping.

You should test this out if your dream actually reflects physical reality. Is the golden heaven profiting you or are you profitting it? If you have plenty of money to spend in a Mall reality thats great…because then you can take any girl there and she will love you because you have alot of money to spend on her (until she drains your wallet dry). Angelic girls sound great, until your currency wallet runs out and you find them turning into demonic women.

Keep in mind I am using this as an analogy which can be applied to anything utilizing the Christian Memetic Understanding of Angels and Demons, where the beatiful Angelic girl turning into a Demon could represent the manifested and active forms you experience in everyday life…while the Mall could represent the Atmosphere/environment/theme of the actual place (otherwise to be thought of as the domain and extension of thd Mind/body energy space of the Angels).

Now I am not downplaying this either. As in life everything has a cost…a positive and negative pole. It is just your job to be The Master and adjust things accordingly. If things are gold then you are lucky and set. A good way to go about doing this is to work with the spirits that cam directly influence things to give hou what you want by changing things in the ways that you want.