What could happen in this scenario?

I’m asking out of curiosity really. So lets say a magician works with a demon and has a lot of exper. Then elsewhere theres another magician that works with the same demon, and sends that demon to attack the first magician. Despite the fact that the first magician and the demon do well together, would the demon just all of a sudden attack him/her? I’ve heard spirits are multidimensional, would that mean another aspect of of the demon could just show up and attack?

You can find some answers in this thread

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Huummmm??? Good question, it might be the strength of the stronger Sorcerers power that will over come, idk I might be completely wrong, I always use a primary Demon and his legion to protect me, I’ve been in a spiritual warfare were hexes were thrown back-and-forth between each other where I was drained my finances over 100k and this person‘s daughter was diagnosed with cancer from my hex, I totally hate those battles I kept myself protected money will always come back and has but health is different sometimes there no over coming that, but I can’t say which spirit was used against me to carry out that hex, never asked I just had to do multiple Reverse heX rituals on myself for it to go away it got so bad I finally made mends with this person because it got to much for him as well, apologizing was done and things went completely back to normal, but that’s a example of how bad A spiritual warfare can get between two people, i’m not sure if that answers your question but that’s just an example of what I’ve been through … your fam

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That is an incredible question as well as one that is completely complex. In my opinion and this is only my opinion, I believe demons angels ancient whatever you want to call them are completely neutral third-party power. They help you, they guide you, and bring many situations to light.

When you have unlocked the ability to To access this power it’s your will that creates the manifestation and control over that said power. It is not the demon itself that does the attacking but merely the essence of the power that you have accessed in a form you have chosen to construct.

At the end of the day it is going to come down to who is the most adept sorcerer of the two.

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Blood is a powerful elixir. If both have a connection through blood with the same entity then the entity is attuned to both of them. They need energy so the entity will not turn against them.

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Aspects don’t exist separately from the being, just as a being can be a say demon of wrath but also a demon of lust, they don’t exist separately. Of course demons, humans, etc can bilocate which is basically creating a 2nd projection of yourself and being aware of what it’s doing while you’re going about your business however it doesn’t occupy a different aspect, it occupies the whole of the original and once done returns to the individual it’s akin to a construct.

As for the two I honestly doubt the demon will get involved, maybe will see the two as childish, or attack (albeit maybe rarely) If I were in the demon position I’d not do it and just find the nonsense not worth my time.

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Maybe, but I’ve yet to get a straight answer on this matter. It’s like the ancient Chinese secret of witch wars.

Kinda puts a lid on any high and mighty shit any practitioner is talking about in terms of spiritual warfare. I do believe there are spirit hoarders.

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