What could all this mean? Satan, shadows, artifacts of power and ancient books

Hi guys about 8 years ago i had a aura photo taken of me and the picture came and on it, in the picture there was a halo above my head (white aura over my head ) and my heart chakra beamed out rays in all directions like a sun, what does it mean?
The spiritual woman said that the white above my head could mean that i was being protected by light forces or something but i have been reading up on christ conciesnes and cant fully decide what this meant / means and what it is to have it
So i wonder if you guys got any idea

Also when i was just 8 i started having strange dreams first it was of hundreds of shadowy figures floating outside my bedroom but in my bedroom there was not one shadow and there was light in my room then later dreams of satan first he appeared as a boy in torn clothes and the earth had a big black hole in the center then later he appeared as a black cat in my dreams, every time i could “sense” his dark energy and realize it was satan, later in my life i dreamt of spirits for years and had sleep paralysis daily for years one was extremely small with red eyes and sometimes looked like he had a cigarette in the dark then later it was again as a black cat this time i was fighting him and won and he fell down into the dark, then later i started having these weird astral looking dreams where i was searching for ancient books in old houses and it was like it was in auto with no thinking but everytime these dreams happened i knew i was searching for some old artifacts or books and when i found them i drew the power from them to myself in these dreams and sometimes the power was overwhelmingly strong sensation wise, this all was so strange, many many times i dreamt of shadow figures leeching of people i knew for instance i fell asleep and then “woke up” felt intense energy and saw shadow or entity, chased it off, some stronger than others, usually if they were in a more form rather than formless shadows it was harder the more form, then suddenly this all stopped a few years ago though just curious if these dreams mean anything

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Also one time i had 2 beers and wemtt to sleep, “woke up” was sitting on my bed across a rather pretty skinny figure girl and did not have any memory of how i was there or who the girl was and did not think about it until later, so we were chatting and just doing basic small talk, talking about my life and felt like we were getting to know each other, this was btw after i had many dreams of me chasing away these shadow figures and it was kinda easy for me after dreaming it so often i did not have fear anymore and knew i could easily chase them off in my dreams, but anyways in this dream with the girl we were talking and i asked for her name, she said it except it was in a fkd up pitch and language that sounded nothing like human, but still rolled so naturally out of her mouth and i am guessing i was pretty unaware in the dream since usually i would have become aware in these kinda dreams and this chat has been going on for like 20 minutes, and i asked her name 3 times and everytime she said it then it came out in that fkd up voice and pitch, until the 3rd time i suddenly sensed the ultra strong dark energy and as soon as i did she tramsformed into a very very creepy looking demon looking figure and grabbed my throat, and squeesed so hard, i was choking hard i did not feel fear immediatly because of many dreams before similar but none of them had actually attacked me before with their bare hands so i did what i usually did to chase them away in my dreams but it did nothing except bring a smile on the demon figure i felt a rush of scariness pour over me and as it did feel like i was good as dead, where i wake up to my friend yelling to me my name and later he tells me i had been talking from my sleep for 20 minutes and he suddenly heard choking noises and turned the light on and saw my head pushed against the end of the bed and later when we checked the place on the bed where “she” was sitting we saw that the form of the blanket looked just like someone sat there, it was creepy as hell

Who knows what this means or if it means nothing indeed, maybe these are just strange dreams induced by horror movies, but i am very interested in hearing about your opinion :slight_smile: out of curiousity

Do you usualy have control over your dreams while lucid dreaming?, I mean, change the surroundings at will or things like that?

Sometimes i would be aware and could think clearly as to what to do or say it or apply logic but not change things or my surroundings other times it felt as if i was aware but watching the dream
The dreams with the entities i was always aware and could think and apply logic, artifact dreams and anciemt books felt like it was guided and i knew excatly where to go and behind what old wall in some basement in a house i would find the book/artifact etc

Who knows maybe it was all psychological and meant i was harnessing power and strenghtening my mind in the past, these dreams stopped years ago and my mind grew strong but always interesting to hear other peoples opinions

Well, there are ways to tell when a dream its not your “own” sorta speak. While lucid dream you are in control of whats plays before you to a certain extent, you are awere you are dreaming, other times you are an spectator of it and can only watch but not aware enough.

When you are aware of yourself (speak when you want to, move with your body where you want to go) but cannot influence what is before you for as much as you try, then that´s "not your dream. It´s other consciousness that had enter your dream. The reasons or purpose of this is not as easy to interpret for is like guessing what a third party wants to say. As allegorical a dream language is, there are things that you can see as part of your unconscious, symbols taking form out your understandment of them, those that are not part of this came from an external source.

when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you

the same hapens with the unknown, when you look for this kind of knowledge of things that can not be seen with the naked eye, your mind is tune with this things as much as the other way around, an open door is a two way entry, so is the mind.

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The white light or halo is indicator of purity or the white light of purity meaning you have turned to the light be it the rhp or christainity this is a sign of your intent and it may not be an indicator of current belief or from a past life or current life style as well as spiritual orientation.

You are right the black cat and dark shadows are signs indicating Baal (Lucifer) aka the devil himself. Sounds like a demon has taken an interest at an early age might be an indicator of a unhappy future usually with direct family problems that the demon wants to take advantage or to cause harm. Be wary of sudden anger flashes.

Seeing that Baal or Satan has followed you through life and is still sending visions this might also be that your parents had been hexed by someone and the curse has followed you. Many castings for harm go to offspring as to completely destroy the family as opposed to just targeting a parent this way it spreads to several generations.