What convinced you magick is real

I came across a reddit page that was titled “what convinced you magick is real” and I posted my story but though I’d share it here too

I did a spell to purchase a home. I was very committed to the crooked path at the time, I still am but I was much more dedicated to communications and daily ritual at that time.
I ended up buying home I thought would’ve been out of my reach in a location better than I thought I could afford.
3 years later a package arrived at my house from the country of Panama addressed to the former owner. this has happened before and I ALWAYS return package to post office. For some reason I could not return this package. It stayed unopened on my kitchen counter for weeks!
I finally could not help myself. why couldn’t I return the package like I always do?! why do I NEED to see what is inside?! I opened it up and it was filled with magickal oils hand written notes in Spanish that once I translated turned out to be ritual/spell instructions…The woman who I bought the house from was obviously a Practitioner and I guess the house had to stay with a Practitioner. This is a 100% true story with zero exaggerations or stretching of the truth.


I never had to be convinced.


I was bored and ordinary. I wanted something that would make life exciting and make me unique. So I stuck it out for 6 months, found some small results and continued my practise

Nice. how long have you been at it now?

I always thought that of myself too. But when shit like the story I shared happens to me, I am still in complete shock and surprise. So I guess as much as I don’t need “convincing” I guess on some subconscious level I must still have the need for some evidence, because I guess I otherwise would never be shocked or “convinced even more” lol In fact I even asked myself after this incident “why are you shocked or surprised”?’ but I still couldn’t help but feel that way.


I was lucky to have a mother who never made me think magick is not real.
When I was a small child and had nightmares or saw creatures at night, she did not tell me “it’s not real” but she taught me how to deal with it.


excepting hindu mantras puja and offerings, Ive practised for 4 years now

Well what made me open to magick was divination. I practiced Geomancy and I saw that it was consistently accurate with no way of me altering the meaning of the reading to fit the events and I could predict things that I couldn’t possibly have known would happen. That came as a shock to me and really opened me to the reality of the occult. Then years later I started to practice magick the first time, I actually started with ‘Words of Power’ by Damon Brand, and I did one of the rituals to get money, and the very next day I received it, in a way that never happened prior and has never happened since.


When things suddenly started to turn out how I wanted them to be after asking a spirit to help out a damsel in distress.
I was low key angry with myself for not trying these things much much earlier in my life :upside_down_face:


Well, I was introduced to magick when I was 14 years old. At that age, I didn’t question its validity, I only knew how it made me feel to express myself in that way. My mom encouraged me and gave me her tarot cards, which further validated what I was doing. A few months later I ended up finding out about Satan and working with demons, and I immediately knew that was my path. Of course, it was JOS, and I jumped into “selling my soul” lol.

It was only when I got older did I begin to question magick. It was during some kind of phase of being “logical” “rational” or whatever. I forgot who I was, and I think I just associated my childhood with pain, so I wanted to be the exact opposite of who I was.

A year and a half ago, I began practicing magick seriously (I have always been an “on and off” practitioner), but I wasn’t totally convinced. I still had a lot of doubt. I was sitting in my room and suddenly heard “Aesha” pop into my head. I was watching an EA video actually, and I kept saying “Aesha? Aesha? Who?” and after trying to research who that was, the voice came back again, clarifying, “AESHMA” and I said it aloud, again. I looked up Aeshma, and he just happened to be exactly who I needed to work with at that time for very specific things going on in my life. I was awe-struck. I truly couldn’t believe it. It was amazing to me as someone who has never seen ghosts or any supernatural happenings ever, and it was since then that I have remained a believer.

It was around that time that I was extremely fed up with someone in my life. They were making me and my family’s lives a living hell, so I flung a curse at them with all the anger and hatred in my heart. They ended up having diarrhea in bed, and remained on the toilet, shitting themselves half to death, for about a week. I knew then that I could do anything, lol.