What Constitutues being "on a path" & 'aligned with a system' or not

 Something I hadn't seen presented, although the topic keeps coming-up (in terms of indivs piecing together their own-way, making it up as one goes along/InFormed by experience-results&opinion-pref)- is:
 what constitutes being "on a path" following-a-path (as opposed to trail-blazing, or setting a path for others), vs just going along.. not on a path.

I’d present that being “upon a path” (working a system, following a method), requires a methodology developed upon an overall view (arranged into a whole) based upon ‘proven techniques’ (just in terms of someone having done them… but a definition of a “grimmoire” being Recipes, vs lab-notes of just things-that-happened, and espec not just concept)
- ie to teach someone what has Worked, usually it isn’t just having them follow your Biography/memories, but arranging them into a Pattern
<as in, If I knew then what I know-now… etc.>

thus the concept of Left-hand Path, or Right-hand Path, ties then to a Path-working.. a road that was on the ground ahead of you
[one could define what you decide to do over-time retroactively as a "path" but that could be stretching it, vs designing it ahead of time, even if it is changed- so not a matter of Committing to it, more a matter of Design.. and Knowledge-Exper embedded in it.]
 Hopefully what evolves-develops over time, as a Tradition or System of Work.. a method (not just in a few yrs, or even a lifetime, but passed-down, even if major changes occur in a short period- still contacting the base current? -ref later]

So I’ll tie in the idea of one’s own efforts… one’s own knowledge and Energy… and relate to that two Boost-sources (a Flywheel-affect & alignment with a Current, a System- that flows and is furthered by certain actions / mindspace-thoughts, and being aligned with It makes certain actions / mindspace-thoughts more likely and empowered).

  • The former, was referred to more often in the past (one place briefly in Dion Fortune's Psychic SelfDefence.. (vs other bks of same or similar name that seem to miss the pt-underlying it)  that to act is just acting, but if you act in "a certain way" it is like getting a flywheel (analogical) spinning.   
    As that momentum builds, little is required to sustain it- but that stored Spin is tapped… the key is, that Spin goes 1 of two-ways
    (ie which way the spin develops- say left or right, perhaps clockwise vs counter_… but depends upon perspective… once it is spinning, walk “behind it” and it looks like it is spinning the other-way… but the gyro-momentum is a physics affect, not perspective.)
    That boost being largely the same- in terms of how it can add to your Works (faster spin= more stored momentum…built over time). so either way BUT there is a resonance and an affect different per each spin
  • so 3 modes, either not having a spin, or a slow rotation- easy to reverse or just let stop…
    fast enough that resists reversal and stopping (as well as to the degree that the sustaining-kick becomes subcon-autonomic)
    -1 way
    -the Other

I’ll leave that… but both the first (a path- more than just a techonology, from Techniques-ology, also the mindspace), and the second… can relate to the later/third… and yet it can work on its own <either without being on a Path, where one is testing-exploring on their own assembling something, and without building up a spin to boost- just acting from one’s own Efforts… both allow one the max freedom, not being Caught-Up in something…>

and yet there is still a tide, a Current..  

if one links into that aspect of Flow (which requires an Active alignment, staying linked to it; in order to ride it, as a raft floats down river or across a Lake drawn by a current or RipTide), that as it is expressed in-thru you (some things become a bit more likely, other things a bit less likely , influence?), so you influence-add to It…
and are therefore boosted by that Mass.

Not to sound too Zen or anything but the more I practice and the more I connect with my spiritual allies, the more I expand my horizons as doors open up to me. It has lead me to the conclusion that LHP, RHP or middle path are all insufficient for me. I am the path.

Pretty much what O said. Wherever you walk, youre walking your path.
Im a nomad by nature, so aligning myself to one specific method of doing things has never felt right, and I always feel like Im missing out if I decide to ignore one current while holding fast to another.
In the “choose your own adventure” books, I always had one finger marking the page where decisions were made.

Good shit