What communication method is best for spirits

If you can’t see or hear spirits, but feel their presence?
Oija board, pendulum, crystal ball in water, black bowl of water, black mirror? Etch a sketch, sand and timber logs?

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I’d say whatever you resonate with the most

Have you tried using pen and paper?

Write down questions you want the spirit to answer, try not to let yourself start thinking how would you or the spirit would answer these, just write them down, then open the sigil of the spirit and when you feel it’s presence ask out loud the first question and write down what comes to you, don’t think about it, don’t doubt yourself, just write it no matter how off the wall it may seen.

Don’t know if it’s the best but it’s definitely one of the easiest way to begin communicating with spirits.


@Fuego Black Mirror is probably the best way to first see a Spirit.

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The three main communicative astral senses is, as I see it; Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing) and Clairsentience (feeling).
(Yes, we have Clairalience (smelling) and Clairgustance (tasting) which is also useful in many cases.)

…and there’s actually two more senses to add; Clairtangency (knowing) and Clairempathy (understanding). The last two senses is, pretty much, accessible through a highly developed Clairsentience ability. They walk hand in hand, just because of the ability to sense energies in different shapes and forms. You can also add the ability to see, as a linked “secondary”, slightly dormant but easily accessible ability to use when scrying on mirrors, windows and open surroundings. What you can see is energies, either in pure form or a blurry silhouette through shadows or colors.

So, you’re pretty much set. All you have to do is practice, and communication isn’t always about what you hear and see, but all of your astral senses is connected to one another, so you start off with what you know best; Feeling. You feel the presence of the spirits physically? Good! Then you probably understand communication through bodylanguage, right? Similar to a mime artist like Marcel Marceau, a spirit often make gestures to express an emotion physically for you, and that particular emotion is noticeable.

Automatic Writing is also a method adaptable for your particular ability, too. Write down your questions, and let the spirit know that it can control your hand to write down the answer. It’s important to have a loose grip on the pencil as well as your wrist.

Mirror Scrying: Stand in front of a mirror and focus on a particular spot, preferable on the middle of your forehead. Usually you will notice a change in the saturation of your image and the surroundings, and your reflection morphs into something “grotesque”. Don’t be afraid. This happens because of something called The Troxler Effect. Despite the odd and intimidating reflection, keep looking at it. If you are merged or bound to a spirit, it will try to get out of your body to show itself. This is probably one of the most exhausting moments a spirit will experience, so you better be grateful.

Another variation of a spirit manifestation in the mirror is when the “Troxler Effect” wears off and the spirit is showing itself independantly and externally, next to your reflection. It’s similar to a ghostly apparition with visible energies covering your eyes.

Know the strengths of your ability, and you will find out that it’s more to it beneath the surface.


You could combine planets , moon signs and elements. Example Mercury is slightly more direct then the moon, but the moon is more of an emotional intuitive feeling. Moon in cancer, turn the water with your finger and gaze into it, Cancer is currents, Scorpio you could also scry into a bowel of water, scorpio goes deep and especially for communications with very hard to reach spirits or demons and spirits of the underworld. The element of air to hear them, fire to see them, water to feel them. Saturn is also a good planet for spirits communication. Pisces moon, especially air and water

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