What Clair Abilities is associated with this

So today I had lots of sex with my girls, but I didnt feel anything. I know I was having sex with them because my dreams kept representing that, and before I used to feel it, but now I don’t. I didn’t feel anything at all and it’s Been like this For about 2 years Now, and again I Know I was having sex because my dreams were super intense interms of sex, usually when this happens it means the they been having sex me While i sleep sometime I even wake up with a sore penis because of it but again I don’t feel it anymore and I know it was all night because I kept waking up over and over and going back to different sexual dreams

Now my Question is Which Clair ability is the one I need to Focus on to feel them and feel their touch

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To feel and perceive energy better, you should work on your subtle energy body through energy work. There are multiple ways to do so and here is not an exhaustive list, but things you could look into:

Qi gong - I’ve posted about this many times before
Chakra exercises/ Yoga - True Yoga, not the stuff you find in the west.
Take up Ritual Work - LBRP, Middle Pillar, etc. I have most experience with Golden Dawn stuff.

You want to get your body familiar with the ‘feeling’ of subtle energy. Some of these forms also help clear out blockages you might have, kinks in your energy system. So that when you are relaxed, you can feel power move within and around you. This will help you perceive the ‘touch’ of spirits and thoughtforms while you are awake and conscious (not asleep or dreaming).

If you are looking for more lucid dreaming techniques, ya could just google lucid dreaming and follow the procedures there. Making tactile contact is much easier in dreams.

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I try Tai Chi Instead of qi qong for 3 month and didn’t feel much so I stopped I was never able to lucid dream no matter how many times I tried so I stopped that too and I been doing ritual from the 72 and Angels of magick which I did notice the some of my abilities did sharpened mostly Clairvoyance and clairsentience I haven’t tried yoga yet but Idk before it wasn’t an issue as I could feel them doing their thing to me while i slept now I’m getting a bit annoyed because I done alot of things to try and improve my abilities just for it to not work at all people keep saying open ur 3rd eye because the would work best

If your talking about succubi, are they helping you with your clairs?

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You can write a letter or petition to them asking if they will aid you with your senses to be able to feel them more. Or you could just go into meditation with that request and see how they respond to reaching out through meditation.

They already said the they would helping me with it I asked them this about 6 month ago and they were delighted to do so

For example right now I’m sensing the they are telling to just sit in a Quiet Place and just image my whole room as vivid as possible and try to image every detail

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There you go. Try it and see if it works. If it doesnt work than try some practices like someone else has suggested.

Something that will bring your focus to your energy body, receptivity and your senses.

It is easy to just say ‘open your 3rd eye’. It is harder to do it, and even harder to stick with it. Most of the people who dispense that kind of half-hearted nonsense don’t know what they are talking about to begin with. It is easy to get frustrated, and it is easy to just stop.

It sounds like you have a lot to reflect on with yourself. Your motivations and desires.

Keep interacting and exploring. Everything you do with spirits, will help you perceive them.

Do you have a magical routine at all? Do you keep a journal of any kind documenting what you do and how it makes you feel? You should make an effort to keep track of that stuff: Spirit Interactions, Exercises you do, Any ‘Ah-ha!’ moments you have in the middle of practice. Words that pop in your head, even if they don’t make sense, etc, etc.

Everyday you don’t build upon yourself, you’re missing an opportunity to get better at these sorts of skills. You may not feel anything NOW, but you will become someone who can, if you keep due diligence.


I did all the Crap kept a Journal for lucid dream and for regular spiritual stuff and stopped but now ima go back sense I actually saw my abilities sharperend after a couple of ritual I did

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What about Clairsentience?

Tactile or touch sensation hallucination.
An exercise to develop it would be blindfolded with a partner who places an object or their hands without touching, but near an area, helps you to sense energy near you.

I’m sorry are you asking me which of these does my Clairsentience Fall under

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Yes . . How to focus and feel your girls

Can I PM for sec?


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