What cartomancy spread should I use?

Hey all, Ailestar here. I’m practicing doing cartomancy readings on my friend, but I’m stumped. Out of all the spreads I have written done. None will answer his question “How will things go financially in the next three months.”

So does anyone know any spreads that could help answer this question?

I just do the 3 card spread but instead of just three cards I pull however many I feel intuitive towards pulling

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So if I do the three card spread then I ask the question, will the answer give me the results of what will happen financially for my friend in the next three months?

Technically the spread doesnt matter just how many cards your intuition tells you to pick and how you interpret them based off how they feel to you.

You could ask for possible hazards, possible allies, because any reading that just tells you “this is what will happen” may be less helpful than seeing what his options are.

How you lay that out is up to you, but get clear on the questions you want answered first.


I usually just asked the main question while shuffling. Would it help if when I’m shuffling I ask, how will things go financially for R. In the next three months, who are his allies, what are the hazards.

If I do ask those questions could you at least give me a good spread to start off with, I’ve never done a reading on someone before. So I am nervous

Just lay them out in lines, or you could do a past, present and future position for each, on each side of the reading about overall outcome. Be consistent once you design the spread. :+1:

Here is something I use for finacial advice: take out all the pentacles/club cards as well as the wheel of fourtune/joker. Shuffle these, spread them up and randomly pick three placing them on in a vertical line.

Shuffle the remaining cards and draw two to set next to each card you previously drew. This will create three horizontal lines. The first card will represent the overall financial situation of that month while the second will read things that will favor him financially while the last will represent something to watch out for.

Finally, shuffle the remaining Pentacles back into the deck of cards that were not drawn. Cut it and draw a card from the top of the second deck that used to be in the middle. Re-stack the deck and draw the card on the very bottom. These two cards will represent hidden influences that can alter/help the clinet’s financial situation over the course of those three months.

So do I do this for each month? And also, could you link a diagram of the positions of the cards once you have them all, and numbered to?

I use EAs upside down cross spread for things like this as the final card or weapon card highlights the area that must be successfully navigated to attain the preferred outcome.


I would lay out 3 cards for each month. From there I would read each group of 3 as past, present, future or linearly from the present. Make sure you decide that before you start shuffling though.

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Is EA’s upside down cross spread the same as a regular upside down cross spread?

The entire spread is for a three month period with each horizontal line representing each month. I will have to draw a diagram for you as this is a spread I came up with on my own out of the blue and began trying it out.

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Thanks, I appreciate it