What Candles, colour do they need be unscented? for Ritual work with all Demons , Lucifer Vampirism?

hello, All just a question for ritual work with Any Demon, Lucifer, Satan what candles can be used been taught to mainly use black unscented candles or can it be any black candle also taught red unscented candles for love spells, white for protection, green for wealth black for speaking to them, hexing work rituals how many needed to noticed in A.E Koetting there three in a triangle

thank you Friends

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It completely doesn’t matter. You’re the one making these associations, it’s your intention that creates the meaning and guides the energy. You’re the magickal element here, with a bit of help from the salamander in the flame, the color is to help your mind do the work, that’s all.

So, who what works for you, magick is bet, imo, when you make it personal. There’s no major reason to just follow the herd, although trying out what worked for others is great, don’t fret too much about what others do, have fun and let it flow.

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Red - Mars, violence, passion, love, hate, war, murder, sex, rape, blood
Green - Mother earth, green trees, grass, birth, life, giving, healing, nurturing
Yellow - Protection, watching over, enveloping with light, dispelling fear
Orange - Productivity, reproductivity, accomplishment of work and goals, hard work and the reward there from
Black - Absorbing all other colors, bringing into oneself, death, ancient, unknown Indigo - Spiritual awareness, intuition, self-knowledge, clairvoyance, expansion of Soul
Violet - Divinity, Union with self and with the Absolute, unlimited growth, Mastery
White - Peace, tranquility, drifting clouds, quiet

Scents work best with correspondences to the color.
Red, Dragonsblood
White Frankincense, Lavendar
Yellow Jasmine, Musk
Green Patchouli, Sandalwood
Blue Frankincense, Mhyrr
Orange Storax (dangerous)
Not sure on the other colors, those are ones Ive used in combination and they seemed to work. Basically you are lining up color, sound, scent, food, gemstone etc for a particular type of working that fulfills and overloads the senses, then trance for the sixth sense or an altered state of consciousness.