What can we do about christianity and islam problem?

Is there any way to get rid of these religions like they go about killing people and converting people.

Like can we turn them into atheist.

How did these religions manage to bury ancient gods and still going strong.

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It’s not necessarily your job to change them, lead by example and create new paths that generations to come can walk.


While we are at it, we should also get rid of the Satanists, Luciferians, and the black magicians who all want to force people to believe what they do as well.

Hate to break it to you, but Christians and Muslims are hardly the only religious folks who want to force their views on others. There is plenty of that on this very forum as well.


No. These religions have been around for centuries and they’re not about to go away any time soon.

  1. Pagans (ex. Romans) used to do the same thing. It’s not solely a Christian or Islamic problem.

  2. Only extremists do this. It’s ridiculous to put everyone in a single box simply because they identify as a certain thing. I’ve met many Christians and Muslims who were super chill and didn’t care what other people’s beliefs were nor did they have any interest in shoving their beliefs down anyone’s throat.

Not unless you want to be a monster like those who forcibly converted others.

But I’ve recently learned that even upon being converted to at least Christianity, many pagans still kept some of their traditions which were eventually incorporated into Christian tradition, like Christ being born on December 25th (he’s technically supposed to have been born in the spring, but it was changed to that date, because that was considered the original date of the Winter Solstice).

Simple: conquest.

But I feel “buried” is a strong word. These religions may be modernized, but the gods are still going strong. They’re just not as “popular”, which isn’t as bad as it sounds.

And even then, there are religions like Hinduism that are older than Christianity and Islam that are still thriving today.


Any religion, a very complex philosophical and ideological system that undergoes changes in accordance with the course of history. Behind their formation and development are certain individuals and societies - who adjust this systems in accordance with the economic, political, cultural and social conditions of time. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to say that religions kill, since behind such actions are certain individuals who use religion for their own purposes.

I think each person decides for himself what to believe in.

This is due to the general course of historical development, as well as the social, cultural and economic, political conditions that contributed to this.


Dont worry, I wont bring up when Greeks consumed Egyptian deities, I swear!


It’s probably best not to bring up how Rome took Greece’s religion and made their own version of it either.


Come on man :laughing:


There’s nothing wrong with these religions, if we’re talking about getting rid of them then get rid of all these LHPers who treat the LHP as a religion and like they’re ironically holier than thou :man_shrugging:

Nothing is wrong with christianity or Islam, don’t blame the actions of a few individuals on the religion itself, like any spirituality religion is meant to be personal.


Religion is not the problem. The desire to have the world and all its people fit an individual’s ideal is. Religion is a mere excuse (among many) to hide that ugly truth. If it is eliminated without that root addressed, another will take its place, such as killing people over the shape of their nose (which there has already been a genocide over that historically).


You cant get rid of religions, they have probaly been around in one form or another, for as long as humanity has been around. People will have their beliefs, and people also have a habit of not liking those they deem different from themselves, or that they see as a threat to themselves in whatever fashion. Its all human nature. All we can do is try and lessen any potential violence and not repeat mistakes of the past, but people are free to believe what they want.


I don’t worry about them much anymore. Globalism has been slowly eroding them over time, and with the internet that seems to be moving faster.


Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot all tried, but they haven’t been very successful. China is doing its best to wipe out Tibetan Buddhism and Islam as we speak, with an atheist spy in every family and re-education camps, both in Xinjiang and Tibet. They are also attempting to wipe out Falun Gong, a type of Qi-Gong that has some religious characteristics. I don’t think they’ll be very successful. If anything Christianity has made a come-back in Russia and it is spreading like wildfire in China. Islam is also going pretty strong in terms of growth.

I doubt religion will ever go away, but perhaps it will take a different form, like some sort of personal gnosis, somewhat unique to each individual.

The human mind and soul has an innate need for spiritual meaning and growth, nothing will ever get rid of that.


Their dogma was too much for me to handle, I have only read Zhuan Falun tho, but seems like its their Bible.


Yes, it certainly has some cult-like characteristics, which is probably why the CCP is doing everything they can to wipe it out. Communists don’t like competition…


This is a very stupid post, these 2 religions brought a lot of good as well as bad, like any other religion.


Let’s get rid of people who want to convert others by converting them.



What can be done? A lot

What should be done? Nothing. Christianity has been fading and Islam will follow too. Besides getting rid of these religions could cause something far worse to replace them.

I don’t have a problem with either. I grew up and realized that what a Christian or Muslim does, doesn’t affect my practice and vice versa. You can only be an edge lord for so long




We should have a globalist dance off when the world unites
and whoever wins gets to take their religion with daddy musk to mars as the new world’s faith :joy::joy::joy:…