What can we breathe in?

Hi Magi,

Jason Miller in his book Sorcerers Secrets states that we can breath in elements, qualities that we lack. I tried with elements and pore breathing; it seems to work, I could feel the difference in my body. But I don’t know how to make this work for me :stuck_out_tongue: What I mean is how to actually use it towards an definite end.
How could one use this concept to achieve real concrete goals?
What goals have you used it for?
How it could be used?
Some real life scenarios and examples would be very useful.

Also, I was wondering
What could be the limits to this concepts??

I just hope that I am making sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is a lot of power in breath. It holds life within it. It’s apart of you and everything else. It carries emotions. It carries will.

You could breathe in prosperity and see if money manifests? Breath in ritual can.affect the magnitude in which it manifests.


Can you please explain more on this?

money, wealth, prosperity; what else can we breathe in?

Have you tried this technique?
What have you inhaled so far?? :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to study the elements and their correspondancea and characteristics. Fire does what? Motivation. Energy. It can inflame and excite or burn something away. Water? Air? Earth. What are the qualities each possess. So. You can use them in a spell to aid the spell, but you also have them in you. If you have issues with motivation you probably have low fire so invoking the fire element may help you balance your body and help you have motivation. Air is what? Communication. Knowledge. Speed. It also ungrounds you. Think of a leaf from a tree blowing around. So If you feel ungrounded you may have too much of that element. Bring in some earth element. This deals with physical manifestation. This is Chinese. I don’t know the name right now because it’s 3 30 AM here. You have to look it up and study it. There is a lot to learn when you start digging. This was just a brief overview to get you thinking and give you some ideas. I can’t tell you everything here but i hope this helped a little.


I think it’s also possible to inhale a planetary or zodiacal energy, even experiment with gravity, electricity… For example, Venus for love and Mercury for healing or communication. If I draw an entity’s sigil, I may charge it with the corresponding element and/or planet.

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I have inhaled Fire element for few days. I have the skin of my hands and feet tore up because of excessive heat in the body :joy: Gotta do Samaan Mudra for few days to cure it :slight_smile:

Im gonna experiment with earth element now :wink: