What can Vual do for me?

Ive been suffering from loniness and have isolated myself from everyone I know except my family. I want to come back from that and go from introvert to extrovert. Honestly just being more social and attractive to women. So people say vual can help by making women think of u as hot or attractive. What else can he do. I want to know as much as possible before calling and requesting something

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From what I know, Vual can help you with friendship, making others see you as someone who can provide extreme pleasure of sexual kind, and increase your sensuality.

He’s also good for restoring trust when betrayed.


…or you can use hypnosis MP3’s to chip away and kill off the demons inside your head…

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Wow really, so how should I formulate my request so I can get that ability

OH I know exactly what u mean now. Thank you for the info, Ignore the previous question :wink: