What can stolas do for me?

Any one worked with stolas and what has he done for you?

Traditionally learning magic, teaches about everything related with it but he also likes being called in open air temples and can help in true love situations

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He’s a creation of BALG so there should be some posts about him.

Um…no, he’s not. I think you are confusing him with something else.

Prince Stolas is the 36th spirit of the Goetia. He teaches astronomy and has knowledge of precious stones, plants and herbs.


You’re right I was confusing him with satalos


Stolas can get shit done across the board.


Yes I kinda know what he’s here for. I did big ritual for three demons with big animal sacrifice. Well he appeared as an owl psychically when I walked to the river in the night to deliver my offering down the stream.

Can you direct me to any information as to Stolas helping with true love situation or share an experience?