What can Lucifer assist in?

I feel very drawn to Lucifer and had him contact me, but am unsure what he does for people. I have not been able to find this in my research. What can he help me with (in exchange for offerings)?

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But joking aside, he offers a lot, all of which can be found using the search function.


Pray to him and ask


How I would approach this would be to analyse my current situation and write a personal statement about myself including things like: what are my gifts and what are my talents? 5 things I am grateful for. What is my purpose here. A list of short term goals, medium term goals and your ultimate goals. Also list any negative traits you may have in your character and persona. As Lucifer says “Know thyself.” Work through these and ask Lucifer for help if need be. This is a good place to start. :metal:


If you’re new, just ask him to “show me myself” with the intent to get to know yourself.

You need to know how you work as a construct, as a being, what you are capable of. He can show you, and it will probably be by attracting info and knowledge to you, so keep your eyes out.

Just say “Lucifer, I respectfully ask this of you, show me myself, guide me inwards.”

It will be a good kick for your journey


He can really calm someone’s mind when stressed, whether yours or others to make them more agreeable. (his method of command) He might give a surge of intuitive surety when finding useful info, his way of directing you to answers. He answers truly to anything you ask. He can help open astral senses, as he is very apt at chakra work. (western or eastern) Assist a magician with grounding during rituals, and bless them with clarity.

I asked him twice years ago to assist in my tarot divination. All my readings were correct, also with intuition regarding peoples’ true intentions. I also asked him to make certain authorities in the Army more minding of my needs so process moved faster, and they did. In Basic training an entity started suffocating me when I woke one night; called his name, and the entity dissipated. I’ve also asked him for life advice and he gave it clearly.

And as far as I’ve seen, he’s never asked for anything in return. And for such, I’ll always be happy to help him out with his followers where I can.


Hey what spell can you assist in?

L: Yes.

There you have it :joy:


Your question has already been answered in the BALG FAQ.

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As they mentioned he’s very knowledgeable about chakra work he instructed me to make miniature tornadoes to pull in the energy absobed into my chakras I could basically feel the difference instantly. I recently found out he’s actually a lover of gems and crystals so that will probably get you farthur then most other offering would.

The answer is everything. It all depends on what he wants to do though.

I’m in love with Lucifer. He is amazing, sweet, kind, very afficinate, very wise and to me a father figure. When I felt alone and really needed someone he was there and always listened. I used to cry and be depressed and the second I started talking to Lucifer he calmed me down by enveloping my body in warmth. I no longer feel alone and depressed knowing he is always with me and protects me. He is my god, my father, my protector, and my teacher. (Belial and Asmodeus are also my gods to. And they also protect me and guide me through life)
He sometimes comes to me through my dreams to.