What can I do?


Idk who else to ask apart from y’all because y’all have helped me through some bad times
My best guy friend who is new to this world recently did a love spell himself and paid for one (he bought one because he wasn’t seeing quick enough results… I know) he’s been messaging me nonstop today saying he hasn’t seen signs yet… (his spell was cast Saturday night it’s now Monday) he cannot stop obsessing over results he does tarots EVERYDAY, He keeps getting yes every single time he asks if she’s coming back, hell even a tarot reader told him that the cards are saying not to give up she’s coming back, despite this all he’s obsessing so much over results that I worry eventually it’s not good happen due to how much he’s hanging onto it… help a gal out how do I help my friend?:weary:


Tell him if he keeps hounding for results and obsessing then he will cause them to inverse and push her farther away to the point where she is unreachable. Should cut the wind from his sails


Hoping that he’ll eventually listen to me. He’s really starting to worry me😩 I know that if he keeps obsessing it will completely take away all of the success he’s had (which he refuses to see) they had sex about 2 weeks ago? And he doesn’t see it as an success🤦🏼‍♀️ Thank you for your wise words❤️


I have the same issue with love works, and when I do them for others. I try to throw myself into other things and just let them float away so I dont ruin everything. Best of luck