What can I do?

Two months ago I asked Valac to give me a job and I asked him that I want to work in one of the biggest companies in my country and he did exactly that for me in two weeks later after the rituals. Now I’m working in one of the biggest oil companies in my country and making good money for my self.
But the problem is, I’m not able to perform any rituals again due to where I’m living now.
I live with some of the company workers and they are all against Magick cuz of their damn religious beliefs.
Is there any other way I can be performing Magick while I’m still living with them?
I haven’t perform any rituals for the past two months and I’m fucking hungry doing Magick.
All I do is listening to enns from YouTube and just reading books on my phone.
Please help me.
What can I do?

You could pray. Prayer is a form of magick (they don’t have to know who or what you are praying to).

You could also build yourself an astral temple so you can perform your rituals all in your mind. To anyone observing, it would just look like you are meditating (or praying).


How do I build this astral temple?
I don’t think I can even do meditation while I’m with these people.
They always randomly come to people’s rooms any time any day without knocking or asking for permission so I think the astral temple will be the best. But how do I do that?

Find some time to be still, close your eyes and sink into a relaxed state of mind. Then, in your mind’s eye, begin to build yourself a room, piece by piece. First, think of the walls. What are they made of? Are they stone? Or wood? Maybe onyx or obsidian. How about the floor? Is it plain or covered? Maybe there is an ornate magic circle carved into it. See an altar standing in the centre. What’s on it? Is that a scrying mirror? A dagger? Are there tapestries hanging from the ceiling bearing the seals of spirits? Can you smell the cloying scent of incense?

Try to make the temple room as solid in your mind as you can. It will take time and patience. The astral is constantly in flux so it will take some repetition before the room stops changing itself. You might make the walls from stone, for example, but when you return after a little while, you will find the walls have become glass. This is why you should visit the temple every day for at least a week or two so that it solidifies in your mind and remains the same.


Okay that’s cool.
I will do that as soon as possible.
Thank you so much

Building on what @DarkestKnight said, if you’re worried that even meditating will arouse suspicion, you could always go through the motions of praying, according to your flatmates religion. For example, I know of a magician who lives at home with his conservative Muslim parents, so he goes through the full Salaat prayer five times a day, but instead of praying to Allah, he’s commanding demons.

Another thing you might find helpful is doing anything artistic. Get a sketch pad, draw, or design online, no one needs to know you’re creating sigils. If anyone asks yo could say you have a background in architecture and are designing buildings…or something like that.

I’m a big fan of astral temples, you can do all your work there and no one will ever be any the wiser. Do it when go to bed so it looks as if you’re already asleep.

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