What can I do with my new pendant?

I just bought this at this magic shop in my city. saturnseal_1024x1024

What can i do with it? Would wearing it make a connection to azazel?

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Well you should consacrate it first with the power of the elements and establish the bond to Azazel


Actually, @Dagoth and @Rav, despite the similarity, this isn’t technically connected with Azazel. This is the Seal of Saturn, note the names Zazel on the top and Agiel on the bottom, these are the spirit (angel) and intelligence (demon) of the Planet Saturn, respectively.

So, this would be useful in workings with Saturn, or where Saturnian traits are necessary.


I was just thinking that since Azazel is associated with Saturn i could somehow use it to make a connection. Possibly have him imprint some of his energy to it.

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