What can I do for Lucifer in return?

everyone’s talking about food or blood offerings but I don’t even see Lucifer
how can i feed him?
is there any other way to do something for him as a thank you?

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There are all kind of different possibilities to show a spirit that you’re grateful.
You can light a candle for them or make a small altar dedicated to them. If you want to give a food/drink offering, you can put it there.
It’s best to simply ask the spirit what they want you to do. If you can’t receive a clear answer yet, just go with what feels right.


I like doing meals that I share with others and have them as the guest of honor. The food tastes better and more meaningful.

I like making everyday things magik and food and showers/baths are where I do most of my casting.


Definitely ask him, He requested a binding from me, certain words to use and once the main offering done he requested no more offerings from me…
Trust your instincts if you can’t hear him, he will definitely let you know in one way or another…

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Thank you
I dont have any space for the alter
if i put food and tell him that its for him would he really eat it?
i guess i can only say thank you verbally

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wow how beautiful
I dont think im close enough to him to share meals

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Thank U^^I’ll wait then

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He will definitely appreciate your effort, that’s for sure.


You could actually offer a lot of things, like respect, gratitude and even just read a poem you made for him out loud.


Sing for him, yeah, it works

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He appreciates anything that shows your grateful. Offers of blood, food, anything.

I offer him lit candles, blood and food since I can’t offer him more then that. He’s happy enough from what I can tell.

If your that unsure then ask him what he wants. There’s no shame in asking.

I’ve addressed by a nickname that I have for him (that he agreed to allow) and asked “Are these good enough? I can try to get you something better.”

He appreciated the thought in my asking because it shows my selflessness. He appreciates me giving the most that I can because it shows my effort.

The most that a spirit wants overall is for you to be polite. A “hello”, “how are you?”, remember your “please”’s and “thank you”’s and never call them by a nickname without asking.

Edit 1: Remember how I said that Lucifer and I have a specific title for him? We agreed on that. I called him only by “King Lucifer” or “My Lord” (since I’m luciferian) until I felt that it was okay to ask.

Edit 2: How I “felt” that it was okay because he asked me to wear his sigil. I didn’t offer. I let him choose me. I agreed but on the condition that I can drop the long titles since, let’s admit, its a mouthful.

He agreed on that condition as long as he could call me “lamb” (hence my name). It was fair bartering.

He’s wonderful to work with.

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When in doubt, ask him.


thank you i’ll try that

a poem sounds really cool actually thanks

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sounds fun I’ll try that hope he wouldn’t run away

yeah im polite to him other than the times when I’m like why the fuck you don’t talk to me(ofcourse that’s my fault being spiritually deaf)
your relationship with him sounds really nice

I can’t hear him

What i do is: glasses of water+basic warm ups=falsetto voice

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You’re basically doing something for Lucifer right now, which is what a lot of us do on here. We like to brag on oh, and build up the entities that have been helping us. Spreading the good news about their name is one of the best things that a magician can do on the behalf of the spirit. Entities love power. You speaking their name and showing everybody that this is an entity that is worth considering helps them to spread their power because it’s like free advertising.


There are other ways spirits can communicate; it doesn’t have to be through sound.

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