What can happen to someone that disrespects a Spirit?

What can disrespect even mean. Is not listening to what they have to say, what they are
telling you disrespect?

Is making a pact and thinking of changing the terms or breaking the pact disrespect…?

Is not giving blood or any offering they like disrespect…?

Disrespect is such a loose term…

Is it possible to be forgiven?
If no, then what can even happen…

What can they do in this physical reality as a form of punishment… Or whatever.?

Just curious.



A lot. They can pretty much make your life complete shit. Or kill you. Just about anything.


Have you seen it happen with other magicians?
Have you seen them being injured or killed or anything?

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Times like these, it is important to remember that the key to being the Operator is to know, with absolute authority, that you are the one in control.


Yes. Treat them like you would your best friend, except without the joke insults.


No, because you always have the option of not taking advice, from people or spirits.

This could be taken as disrespectful, and is one of the reasons not to enter pacts lightly, but, again, it is always an option, and can be done in a way that leaves you on good terms with the spirit.

No, because offerings are optional. i rarely give offerings and never give blood, and have never had any issues.

Well, I was apparently punished by some “higher power” in a past life for being an evil and greedy SOB that caused the suffering of many people, by having my prosperity and financial life severely bound in this life.


Hope things get better for you


Thank you. An intercession was done on my behalf and i was given some tasks to do to make amends so as far as I know the binding is no longer in effect.


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:


Disrespect. There’s quite a bit of that unfortunately.

Asking for help and repeatedly ignoring it
Not referring to them by their proper title
Not fulfilling your part of a deal
Trying to reason why you don’t need an offering
Rushing a spirit
Speaking to them like they are your buddy and crossing the line- and don’t say "but we’re close " - there IS a definitive line and everyone should be intelligent enough to see it

What can happen? Depends on the spirit and the mood they’re in. They could refuse to help you any longer in this life and the next. They could also give you a bad name in the spirit realm. They can fuck your life up real good too. Or. You can die. And quite honestly, considering what i know and have seen, sometimes a person would rather wish TO die.


I heard of a magician that had every bone in his body broken.


I’m gonna speak from experience. A lot happened but the one that affected me the most was when I felt a surge of dark energy from the spirit that made me regret my entire existence. I really wanted to die. Realized that it wasn’t enough and begged for my soul to be erased. Completely demolished. Something like this can happen.


That sounds like it could have been a lesson, as opposed to a punishment.


Who was the spirit? This has happened to me too.


How do you ask for forgiveness anyway? And how do you know it’s a spirit causing it and not life just being life?

I ask 'cause I have social anxiety and am always worried about upsetting people, especially if I want to be on their good side.


Goddamn I wonder what I did in a past life then cus I got some issues. How did you find out?


Disrespect can mean whatever a spirit wants it to mean. It depends on the spirit in question. Some will get nasty if you so much as take a pebble from an area they have claimed. Others take offense if they aren’t addressed with the proper observances and offerings. still others don’t like it when you put their stuff on the same altar as another spirit that they don’t get along with. Like putting aunt Martha’s picture on the same altar as a picture of aunt June because June and Martha hated each other in life. Most of the ones that we deal with though respond well to ordinary common courtesy.


Good question but I don’t know the answer maybe some experienced magician will answer

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I’m curious about that too actually @DarkestKnight


@J.A.Ragnarson @Ravenxoxo

I found out through an intercession that was done on my behalf by a neutral party, similar to the way a shaman intercedes with the spirits on behalf of members of their community.