What can familiars do

Some demons give excellent familiars and I’m wanting some of it as well wat can they do???

They are like demons that are waiting for your command. You can call on them to do specific tasks. I havent god much experience with them but my familiar is a protector by a certain Egyptian goddess.

Familiars are servitors or subordinates or animals given by a demon, angel, deity, or whomever, they help you in your practice, they dont work for you, they work with you if it’s a servitor it will serve you with specific programming, if it’s a living entity like the latter two then it’s not someone you can command around, but they will follow the command of the one who gave them to you and that is to aid your practices.

So can they follow our requests to attack or do certain affects? I only have a single familiar but the people who taught me about them have said they can be commanded.

They can be asked to attack yes, but unless the one who gave them to you specifically puts them in a position where they have to obey your every desire then it may be different because they may not want to do certain things.


I think I seen somewhere that SOME familiars are given to you because they are getting punished? I think you even have to do the punishing. I’ve also heard that some use their pain as power so you have to make use of pain to help them with their abilities.

Never heard that, but I’ve heard some familiars go back to Deity or Demon they were given from if they do not like how they were treated.

Yeah thats a good look to have lol

Familiars are generally personal spirits that aid a witch/sorcerer/magician in their magick. Traditionally, a witch’s familiar was a spirit that was believed to be be bound to a physical vessel, the stereotypical cat, and was both a servant and a fetch.

They can be spirits created by the magician, or a lesser spirit given to the magician by a greater spirit. For example, I have the name and seal of a member of Belial’s legions that was given to me as a familiar. He is no longer around me due to my lack of making use of him, but I can still call upon him if needed. I also have a familiar created for me by another magician who helps me with energy manipulation and glamour magick.