What Can a black mirror be

Just curious what constitutes a black mirror. I’m sure some of us have seen black mirror on Netflix which is the reason for my question. I’m curious if a cell phone screen or even a tv can be a black mirror for rituals?

Wait, how are a black mirror (originally made from obsidian) and a tv show related?

I do not have Netflix but I did have the thought today right before meditating, that the television (54”- was turned off) would be an interesting medium to try.

It has been tried, often, and apparently successfully. I dislike the method personally, and prefer the picture frame with the glass panel painted black.

People use anything from tv screens, laptop/desktop monitors, cell phones, even well polished tables and any black surface that reflects. You can find many post in this forum talking about scrying surfaces.

It doesn’t even have to be black. I have been using aluminum foil.

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Indigo Priestess advised to use a photo frame with a glass panel and just paint only one side of the glass panel black. Then use the unpainted surface to face you.

You might want to try using the forum’s search function before asking such a common question. It has been answered so many times on here.

Any dark surface can be used for scrying once you learn the proper technique.

Konstantinos, in one of his books, talks about scrying into a glass of Coke-Cola, and a bucket of motor oil. TV screens, cellphones, and laptops have all been used to varying degrees of success.

I use a simple black ceramic bowl filled with water, as Water is one of the three major gateways to the spirit realm, and mirrors were originally created to simulate its properties.