What butterflies mean

Hi, i wondering the magick meaning of butterflies, usually when im walking I cross paths with butterflies, to be specific with monarch butterflies and some pale Cyan butterflies, im wondering if that have a meaning and if is common or isn’t common.

Butterflies usually are seen as a sign of transformation. You can do your own divination about them that may reveal more about your future and the path you need to walk on.

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Hmm, that’s intresting, what other meaning they have?

That’s more regarding your life honestly.

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Im wondering, butterflies have any link with deities?

Many claim they have connection to nymph,fae and deities of forests




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Thanks for ur wisdom

Butterflies have a personal meaning to me. When I was in the military I gave birth to my daughter, but she died not too long after she was born. While she was dying I told her to come back and visit me whenever she felt I needed her, and so I knew it was her, come back as a butterfly.

I had to deploy to the middle east shortly after that. My grief was unbearable, I couldn’t get up in the morning, let alone expected to have the energy to deploy. I never saw a butterfly after her death until I was there in the desert & I was walking from my barracks room (really a souped up connex box) to the bus stop to catch the bus to the air field. On my way I saw the biggest most beautiful monarch butterfly fly circles around me and then fly away. That was the first and only time I saw one over there. All the times after was when I’m outside playing with my kids, a butterfly will come circling around us, flying around and joining in on the fun. It’s not much, but it’s magickal to me, keeps a light burning inside of me that was once dim when my child passed.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures…


Thanks for sharing it, was so unique.

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