What are your thoughts on...?

For the past few weeks I’ve been chipping away at astral projection. Many years ago, I practised and practised till finally I was doing it. I sunk back to the sleep of mundane existence, caught up in drugs and any self-development went right down the drain.

Fast-forward to now, I’m now training and disciplining myself. I have finally had some success! Though unfortunately I can’t remember what I actually did during it.

But I do remember one thing that sticks out in my brain – a sudden jolt of energy rippled through me. On the night in question, I remember it taking a long time to get into any dream state as my adrenaline was pumping. I had a minor experience where I had to stop hooking up with somebody I was starting to care about, and the fallout from that was anxiety, a little sadness, and a touch of anger and resentment which I spent all night trying to control and convince myself that it was unjustified and that I was being petty (which I was, as I don’t even want a relationship). I recognised it as an obstacle, cause the person in question is constantly in a cycle of bullshit, which, if you let yourself, you can become caught up in bullshit that deters you from the path. Alas, I’m fine now.

Is this the serpent awakening? Has anybody else had that happen before, while attempting lucid dreaming or astral projection? Has anybody had it happen after an event in life that could upset your balance, so to speak?