What are your thoughts on this?


First case, he was a spy.

Second, a hoax.

Third, the medicine she was taking.

The missing girls… they were chased and kidnapped, then killed.

Last case, it was a mix of revenge and a religious motive. The killer knew them personally, he lived in that house before. He was convinced that he was doing the right thing when he did it.

I can’t prove it, it’s just a feeling :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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1st case, what do you think killed him?
3rd case, what did she take that made everyone so sick? I thought she may have been an alien and the medicine was extra terrestrial.
4th case, I had a feeling that was the case but who did it?
5th case, who did it?

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Without watching the video yet, I’d say the girl who’s acting weird on elevator had scrinzopenia whatever its called

Now imma watch :slight_smile:


1st case, I think he was probably an assassin not just a spy. There are many cases with extremely similar circumstances, makes it almost a pattern or a protocol. Hard to tell which intelligence agency he worked with. They’re the ones who did it I think.

3rd case, The medicine described in the autopsy report. But for some reason, looks like it created chain reaction with more powerful effects than usual. Not sure how the infection passed to others but probably her breath. There was weird smell… so that means whatever it was, it was already in the air everywhere.

4th case, My guess is that they found something… a hidden place in the area. Probably guarded. Maybe people around there knew about it, not sure. But obviously they couldn’t be left to get back after what they found. The panic they had was probably because of that. It wasn’t just because they were lost. They were scared and they knew the coming ending because they understood why.

5th, I would vote for the husband theory mentioned in the video.

The fact that no specific factor was proven to be the actual cause, doesn’t mean it wasn’t.

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case one: imo the man suicide, possibly hes a spy cause his files are missing as the year comes

case two : doesnt have much evidence going on to say if its fake or real imo

case three: im agree with the dimethly sulfoxide theory, most likely with another substance too that makes her blood weird.

case four: they got killed somehow, maybe by cannibals?

case five: either a regular killer or the husband theory

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3rd story she got them with the death breath!!!

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What do you think made the spy’s brain swollen?

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But what made the spy’s brain swell up?

Exactly, works every time… every morning :sweat_smile:

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The poison used I guess, it’s their job not to leave any possibility of survival. They use materials we will never learn about until it becomes ancient history. And that guy probably knew what was coming. They’re trained for that. He didn’t have to run or struggle. He was just waiting.

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poison? iirc the video mentions it

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I would love to upload more of these vids and get people’s answerrs!!!

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Please do. I"m ready when you are :grinning: