What Are Your Experiences With Cluthu?

Have you worked with him?
Where can I find the best information about him. Most sites I go to aren’t that clear.

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Donald Tyson’s 13 Gates of the Necronomicon has a pathworking with Cthulhu.

Konstantinos has a dream ritual with Cthulhu in his book Gothic Grimoire (the goal is to induce a dream of Ry’leh).


Carl nagel has a book of them he was the first guy openly. Using it back 1989.yes we knw simon spellbook. Now in daonic drems its a chulctli book by daniel. More meat in it. The tyson book is good too. I cnt remember the carl nagel book but its seal chant. Done its a few posts if u book look around in others pages, too.

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:crystal_ball: Thanks for the help. I’ll make sure to check it out. :crystal_ball:

:crystal_ball: Thank you!! :crystal_ball:

I am working with The book of the old ones by Scorpio (pseudonym for Carl Nagel) now and am LOVING it! Did his Cthulhu mythos LBRP, visualized Cthulhu as human sized and he showed himself and he was a GIANT. Black body, 60ft tall. I had to stand looking straight up at him. Called Cthulhu in for protection during an attack and the energy got VERY strong.

The whole book is packed with short rituals for luck, love, money, healing, protection. Makes the whole Cthulhu pantheon very accessible.

The book is privately printed is seems, so it can only be ordered directly from Daemonic dreams, unless you want to buy it super expensive on ebay.

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