What Are Your Experiences With Cluthu?

Have you worked with him?
Where can I find the best information about him. Most sites I go to aren’t that clear.

:crystal_ball: All opinions are valid. :crystal_ball:

Donald Tyson’s 13 Gates of the Necronomicon has a pathworking with Cthulhu.

Konstantinos has a dream ritual with Cthulhu in his book Gothic Grimoire (the goal is to induce a dream of Ry’leh).

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Carl nagel has a book of them he was the first guy openly. Using it back 1989.yes we knw simon spellbook. Now in daonic drems its a chulctli book by daniel. More meat in it. The tyson book is good too. I cnt remember the carl nagel book but its seal chant. Done its a few posts if u book look around in others pages, too.

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:crystal_ball: Thanks for the help. I’ll make sure to check it out. :crystal_ball:

:crystal_ball: Thank you!! :crystal_ball: