What are those symbols?

Hello, what do these symbols represent?:slight_smile: if someone knows

First from the cover of Book of Azazel…

Others from here on forum…


Have u tried reverse image search?

The first is the circle of pacts - from the Goetic circle of black evocations by Eliphas Levi, the last is the gateway for the legions of Azazel - from the book of Azazel.

I don’t recall seeing the 2nd anywhere before.


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Yep didnt find ^^ @mxa

@Maulbeere I’ll post the full image below :), it was downloaded off the forum from a post…
Also I understand hmm I see… :open_mouth:

:thinking: :thinking: )

I believe that is the circle and triangle from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame.


Yeah I updated my post - it’s an adaptation from older an grimoire.

Couple of those symbols look like the ones on other gates and circles by EA Koetting…

I think if you get the Book of Azazel it will make more sense.

DarkestKnight got it. Page 50 in my PDF - not sure if the complete works are still available as PDFs at the store, but might be worth checking.

Note: there’s a very detailed explanation of these figures in the book.


Would love to get my hands on the books someday… :black_heart:
Thank you very much @DarkestKnight @Maulbeere :slight_smile: