What are the strongest beings in existance?

Name as many as you can list pls

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  1. Yourself / human consciousness / “I AM”
  2. Everything else



One would be Satolas, comprising in “himself” the 9 Demonic Gatekeepers.

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It’s the wrong question. It doesn’t matter how “strong” they are if you can’t get them to help you.


Ants are some of the strongest I’m aware of. They can lift amazing loads for their size.

I’ve been nursing the theory that the strength of the entity is somehow rrlated.to the strength of the magician, but that’s more of a musing at this point. But it is an interesting note, since that would affect the “strength” of the entity.

You didn’t define strength, so the question really doesn’t have the answer your probably looking for. Most experienced practitioners agree Belial is strong, but we don’t call him to be healed by him. Unless we’re drunk, curious, or some combination…


If you mean as in powerful. The ones that come to my mind are the life and death gods, Odin, Zeus, Freya, Isis, Hades, also what some would call titans or the ancient ones, like Cronos, Rá, Nyx.
Gods in general seems more powerful than demons, if you work with both it can be noticed, the energy of gods are easier for us to feel than demon’s, I noticed this, and when I told this a friend he told me that he indeed he had noticed that too, so I guess this is because their energy are stronger cause they’re too.
If I had to put them from stronger to less stronger I would say: The ancient ones, who can manipulate time, darkness, light, the universe itself, etc, they were here when we not even dreamed about exist, and I highly disagree that we all are as strong as any deity, we’re not as strong as them for example, every being is a being, they are ancient, they’re the universe itself, is arrogance think we can be like Time itself for example. Than comes the gods and goddess of life and death, than the others gods, category that I believe many of us could fit, whether as incarnated gods or living gods, so we’re strong but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any stronger being, than demons and than other beings. Altough some demons are gods that got demonized and assumed such masks. In that case they are as strong as any god, including a life or death god or ancient one if this is the case, will depend on what god they are/were.
This is it, based on my experience and perception. Hope have helped you somehow:)


Strongest? Meaning what? You are.

The most devastating are considered strong? Strength as in awareness or intelligence?

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Santa Muerte. :wink:

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I think OP was going for something like “who is the most all-round powerful?” or thereabouts, but yep, the answer is pretty much the same. The operator/self first, then everything else after.

I agree with this also. A sword is just a length of metal until it’s being wielded by a swordsman…

…and the squire who can barely lift a claymore is not as powerful as the knight who’s a trained veteran of many battles.

If pressed, I would say (after the Self/I AM)、the beings I’ve encountered who felt the most powerful are the being I know as Silence, and then Metatron and Sandalphon.

But then, the beings I’ve gotten the best or most immediate and/or impressive results from (or with the assistance of) have been Belial, Bael, Raphael, and Sallos, and Asmodeus.

Finally, I may or may not be developing some suspicion that certain practitioners are naturally better at certain things… specialists, if you will, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.


You are a better wordsmith in your sleep that I am in lucid moments.

For the record, @Veil and I view things differently, but we affect each others world’s.


A wordsmith is nothing without a muse, my friend :smiley: :bouquet:


You’re being exceptionally kind. I take it to heart, but will still light a candle.



You’re an Australian peach! Well, I’ve bought peaches on most markets I have been to, but never Aussie peaches. Kindly take my old ass to the market when I make it there? Such a spectacle! (Trying to use non-US words there, let me know how bad they were (privately, please :joy:)) oh…fine…even the spirits told me it sucked…


Now that’s an interesting observation. I’m going to give that some thought.


Booo you beat me to it :joy::joy:. It’s definitely true though op. You reign above all in your universe :+1::+1:



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Oiiii cheers ay :laughing: you’re a good mate. Could prolly hit the markets but’d rather go down the pub tbh. If we’re lucky they might have some peach-flavoured cider or some shit on tap, but I mean I’d cop a VB or a Milton Mango if that’s all they had. First round on me. Both are pretty fkn cooked but it’s a pub tbh, not here to fuck spiders ay. Then we can stumble down the servo and split a pack of darts after.

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OP, If you want to know more about the strongest being in existence, I recommend reading anything written by Neville Goddard or Joseph Murphy.

Man is all Imagination; and God is Man, and exists in us, and we in him. The eternal body of Man is the Imagination, and that is God Himself.”
– William Blake




i am sure you uttered the name of a dragon @Alahimavatara

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