What are the Possession benefits?

I want to get possessed one day by a spirit I know! And the spirit will be using a aspect of himself to possess me! And I would like to know what I can expect from my first possession! And the reason I want him to possess me is to gain more power! And feel strong and develop a more serious more logical mind! But also to be more understanding and receptive to new ideas that I don’t consider!


Possession can help with that. Possession can also help with psychic abilities as they may be able to power up your body and brain by reciting words of power and mantras for psychic abilities and other things using your brain. Though invocation is more used for the purposes you mentioned


Will it give me all the demons power or just what I ask for?


Both to a degree. Each possession u become more and more like that which possesses u…the power only comes from a mutal exchange…if they dont like u, they may crush u…

U will feel a mild naseau, ur body will move on its own, and it may or may not hurt. Partial possession is more like 1 limb moving, or u asking it to show u something through ur body…Personally, rather than power, i’d ask each entity to show me how it does what it does. If an entity specializes in creating servitors, i may ask them to show me how…a demon can for example, kill, maybe bring wealth, maybe bring knowledge,. so i can ask demon a to bring me money (and i get a job or whatever) or ask them to bring to me knowledge of how they bring money ( which would include what money is, its value and u will learn a technique or spell catered to u which u can use for each instance u want money…maybe they show u a sigil or u just out of the blue start doing something, not realizing where its coming from, but knowing its what u have to do to create a money spell)…

No one writes it or talks about it…


Possession is another word for communion between the self and spirit/daemon. Once they take themselves into your physical aspect and form — from there on they can see through your lens and will insert certain kind of energies depending on the reason of possession.

Another reason for possession is because it helps give answers and helps to wither and strip away the old layer of skin attached to yourself and replacing it with its own, this is why you get a different vibe from someone who is possessed; it can go so far as to having their physical appearance change and mannerism.


I’ve been fully possessed once, by Belial. I set the rules, he agreed, and once I felt him start to slip in, I don’t remember a damn thing. I’d been doing partial possessions with him for a while.

Partials to me depend on how many are coming in and how far in they go. When offering to let them consume some alcohol/tea through me, the established rule is that they come in just far enough to be able to taste and experience it. Sometimes I will feel “full” or “stuffy” inside when this is happening and I typically can’t concentrate as well with so much going on.

I frequently have a partial possession with Hecate as an act of communion with her energies. When I’m inviting Hecate in, she can come in as far as she would like, which isn’t fully, so interactions can still occur.

When I first started doing it (both), I would get a tightness in my throat and chest that I would have to tell myself to relax and let it happen. Sometimes this will occur with a new spirit or if they come in really quickly. Starting with partials helped build up the trust and reduce the symptoms.


Read “Drawing Down the Spirits: The Traditions and Techniques of Spirit Possession” by Raven Kaldera
Great book which has experiences and hints about all stages and traditions of trance possession. It compares the intensity of say “drawing down the Moon” with f.ex. full lwa or orixa possession and has much much info.
It’s a great read.


Hey so I don’t know if you can point me in the right direction to this new ability I have.

But I have the ability to turn positive energy into dark energy. And I can absorb peoples dark energy just by looking at them. And when I looked in the mirror tonight my face was black and a shadow of darkness was filling my face. And the shadow of darkness was moving on it’s own. I’m thinking that is dark energy I am absorbing and getting the ability to control at will. And I think I’m changing my spirit into something much more… Maybe I’m not but I feel different!!! More powerful I am stronger and faster. But I’m still learning how to use this ability. It’s not a possession by the way. I’ve just been learning how to use my new ability I learned. And my face is different in color. I look Evil but I like it…

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Maybe you should start a neöw thread

It can be used to replace recreational drugs

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What’s that and how do I do that?

Is it painful to be possessed?

No, I love it. I find it actually makes me feel high and like a lightweight floating feather. I let certain demons through me in public and can actually see people reacting to the demons entrance.

Sorry to post this twice but forgot to hit reply to your reply instead of a whole new reply lol

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That sounds like a ridiculously handy skill to have. Do animals display any disturbed reactions to it or does it depend on the entity? I know if i had that ability I’d abuse the hell out of it (probably why i dont have it )…

This is interesting though. How are magickal rituals when posessed? Like when ur body’s not under ur control, have u ever asked an entity to possess u to show u how they do magick? EA spoke about this in one of his older videos and the idea and practice is fascinating as hell.

Is it possible to be possessed and not even know it?


I have been partially possessed, well, any time I open a new bottle of wine and offer the first sip to Hecate through me…

When I agreed to let Belial fully possess me, there was no way I would NOT have known I was being possessed. I know what he feels like inside, but with a full possession, for me, I have no recollection after letting him in and feeling him take over. He had full control at that point and, from the (lack of) evidence in the hotel room indicating otherwise, he stuck to his agreement.

Behemoth-X talks about what it feels like for him when possessed and videos his rituals. LOVE his channel.


Some animals do react. Cats staring at things on the ceiling that nobody can see. And once during an intense ritual involving Belial the resident dog that lives here went off on a barking fit. I actually had to storm back in with my ritual robe on and tell him to shut up lol the ritual still worked but yes animals can react.

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I second this book. There’s another book called “Talking to the Spirits” by Raven Kaldera and Kenaz Filan. It’s also very good!