What are the limits of a magician?

Your thoughts concerning this topic?


I would say that a magicians only limits are the one he places upon himself.


manly p hall specified some black magicians who totally exploited the art into such perversion and malevolence that they’ll do whatever it takes for them to prolong their lifetime on earth just to avoid what’s next… maybe learn your limits once you’ve taken more than what you actually need


Magicians are bound to fate and destiny like everyone else. And death; the whole divine spiel.
Then there’s time–which is a bit tricky–and our physical laws.

There’s actually quite a few concepts that magicians seems to be in a tug of war with, that no experimemtal or fringe magick can shake. I promise you.

Everything else is up for grabs.


That man was like the Alex Jones of the occult community.

Surface level info with some truth and a lot of BS meant to disempower you.

Probably why he is the first one that everyone quotes on places like IG.


Do what thou wilt. You set your own limitations with your magical concept in which various fields of magical energy exist, your thoughts or consciousness is the fundamental force to move your magic forward.

The magical forces of your world are controlled by nothing more than the will and concentration of the magician as you set your own limits.


I would say there are no limits


Well that’s a generic summarisation on your behalf. I agree. He had a point though.

I would argue that magick, and dark magick in particular, is the ultimate rejection of fate, as it empowers one to create the destiny of their choosing, rather than the one that was thrust upon them by the circumstances of their birth, and the people that the chaos of the world brought before them.

Without magick, I believe, one is bound by the chaos of reality, subject to what the universe decides to grant them. By putting the power of magick under one’s control, the chaos can be tamed, and a sense of ease in self and life found.


No limits for the magician, but there are limits in each plane of existence where he or she operates. Each realm, is limited one way or another by one law or another.

By understanding the interaction between different spheres of reality, and how to choose the best medium for each operation, where the limitations of the medium can not interfere with the desired outcome, but empowers the process of manifestation, the magician will always find success, regardless of any limitation.


Technically, we are bound only by our own mind.

Will - imagination

The key to this question is the censor


Perhaps a few things may be changed through Soul Travel on a subtle plane, from here the changes would affect physical reality… :thinking:


I think the belief that the humans live in a reality where only limits are self-imposed are kinda not based on anything other than hopeful thinking. There just might as well be a structure out there imposing hard limits on you and you wouldn’t be any wiser.

When it comes to ascent and magical power, I don’t think one becomes powerful by evoking literally everything under the sun or spending every waking hour doing magic and trying to polish their tools. I think Understanding is only real path to power, much more so than any wisdom or experience.


Absolutely. This goes back to what @PrinceX was saying about there being limitations based on planes of existence.

Now, I’m all for this hopeful thinking if it inspires creativity and pushes magicians to try and break those limits. For instance; I don’t think retroactive magick would be a thing if people were stuck on being limited to how time works in the physical.


You’re belief and you’re observation is you’re only limitation, learn how to change that and you can change anything.


Well i know this might pull off topic a bit but reality is only determined by your perception of it
So basically we all live in our own reality
That bumbs other peoples realities and or must over ride or influence others reality to creat the reality you want


A magicians only limitation is himself.

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In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the mind, there are no limits.
–John Lilly, The Human Biocomputer