What are the best entities you know of to bring sudden death to a person?

Ive been stuggling to find entities that bring a quick death to the target. A lot of the entities that do baneful works seem to like to torture their targets for a while first before finally killing them. I was wondering if any of you may know of some good ones that will act on actually aligning circumstances which lead to the persons death without having to really inflict suffering. Also, if you have personal experience working with these entities, I’d love to hear about it. Just trying to gather whatever Intel I can before picking one for the job


@anon68160656 NORATH


Samael, Nergal.

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How about the Angel of Death.

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Which one? There are a few.

I’ll look them up. do you have any personal experiences working with these entities? if so id love to hear about it. im just trying to gather all the info i can on their effectiveness

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I have employed NORATH (you can only find him here on the forum) to “destroy” an abusive ex of my mom’s. He always tried to get her back. After a while he was never seen or heard from again.


ah interesting. Did itt take a long time? I know these things can take a while sometimes, but im really trying to avoid having to wait a year to see results

I waited about a month or so

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I kind if wish I could help, but I don’t generally kill. I maim instead. Not torture, just … permanency


I like to play with my food.

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Lol i dont like to eat things when i don’t know where its been xD


What about a “Shinigami” sometimes there known as,“Gods of death” or Grim reapers are extra dimensional beings being known to kill humans to servive.

Have you ever used one of these entities to attack/take out a target?

Not yet.

I wouldn’t call on those thing unless you know what you are doing and have mastered basics. Calling things that are willing to kill on a whim isn’t the best idea for the novice.

The damn Slenderman came after me and it was weak as fuck. Sneaky though, almost got me.

Fuck the slenderman.


I wouldn’t worry about that, just do it anyway, live on the edge, apparently there is suppose to be this book, called Death note its has been band in China or Japan i only heard you have to enter a enemies name in the book and the Shinigarmi goes and kills that person.

Isn’t that an anime? lol

Wouldn’t be surprised if it were real though. 20 years ago I thought Zeus was made up. Boy was I surprised when I met some of his reletives.

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Dude, these things will fuck up your life then kill you lol it’s not worth living life on the edge.

Probably be more safer with my Black magic of Ahriman, become Damnation first then go from there.

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