What are spirits?

What actually are these gods, demons, angels we interact with??

A crazy theory of mine:

The spiritual realm is energy of all possibilities. Natural forces would be included in this. But the beings themselves come from human mythology. So in a sense we did create them. However when we summon something from our mythology I believe the energy that we attract is real and outside ourselves. This energy is what aligns with the mythologial being we are trying to summon. So in that sense we did not create it at all. I guess to simplify, we created the construct, but it is powered by spiritual energy which we are a part of but did not create.

Any thoughts, or other ideas? I will never stop thinking about this question4

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It may be true. have you heard of egregores.; They are beings that are created through other beings.

What’s the difference between an egregore and a servitor, if any?

Servitors are just for your purposes that you create. Egregor is being that anyone can call on. I am not sure if this is accurate.

It sounds to me that an egregore originates the same way as a servitor (a spirit created by another being) but is it’s own, autonomous independent being. I wonder, if you let a servitor go on its own, could it hypothetically become an egregore?

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I think so.

It requires a lot of energy to create one though.

surprisingly accurate.

Take it to it’s natural conclusion and try putting another lens or mythology on the energy to see what you get.

Demons are incorporate beings. What demons are composed of is unknown. They are an energy form that can change at will. Demons come from the unknown and continue to exist from their own world or dimensions.

Myths and legends abound regarding the demonic, witchcraft and the occult… But are the ancient myths true? Real magical practice separates mythology and fairytales. The energy that you or from ancient times that created these myths has nothing to do with the energy that you are invoking or the demonic spirits that will actually materialize from your ritual.

Mythology and ancient tales of blood and thunder are miles apart from actual practice be it an energy form or ritual in summoning a spirit. The reality is that you may want to worship Thor the Norse god of lightening and storms and try to invoke his powers with a ritual and meditate on the Norse legend but I will guarantee you that you will actually be summoning one of the 72 demons from the Lesser Key of Solomon.

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How would one go about doing that? Actually first off, what does that mean? I am interested to try. I experimented with chaos magick and “unreal” entities simply to advance my understanding of what spirits are. If mickey mouse can be summoned alot of traditional occult views may not be so accurate.

Interesting thoughts

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I have heard of them. Iv noticed a tenancy in the occult to play the “your god is an egregore, and mine is not” game. I tend to shy away from labelling some gods or spirits as egregores and others as real pre-existant entities. I feel we as humans know very little about all this in the grand scheme of things and many of our “accepted” understandings may be flat out wrong.


I mean instead of mickey mouse, you shift the target to his carnivorous black plague spreading brother dicky mouse for example.

Contact as many versions of its energy as possible until you can choose whichever mythology or lenses you want at any particular moment for the energy.