What are some spirits that generate massive amounts of fear?

I’m wanting to try an experiment, and every single time then I look for spirits that are associated with feelings of dread or Terror, I keep finding silly Creepypasta links.

Thought I’d try and ask you guys. If I can’t come up with anything, I do have a plan B, but working with that many parasites at one time can be dangerous.

Phobos comes to mind. Greek personification of fear.


Parasites work well


To cause fear in people, I personally would dive into the Cthulhu mythos. Fear and madness, what better could you ask for?

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Practically any entity that can access the astralscape and your mind.

The Lord of Destruction Chaugnar Faugn, or Lord Cthuga of the Vampyre Djinns

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How did I completely forget about Big Daddy Cthulhu?

Dipping in to Lovecraftian mythos, there’s also Yig and Nyarlathotep that may be suitable.