What are some of the most popular demon magick books

That work near instantly???

Please use the search function for questions like this.

I did but I couldn’t find any

There is no such thing in real magick.

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Oh no I found a Russian website that contains full free ebooks on all books incl. Magick

Work instantly? None that I know.

But I will say Sorath worked more quickly than anyone else I have worked with in terms of banishment. The target was in the backseat of a cop car within a day after ritual.



Whoops, sorry that was Bune with getting a loan I needed that worked within two hours. I mixed the two workings up. I made the correction of the actual time in my previous reply in the actual time period for the Sorath ritual. But yeah, Bune and Sorath can work very quickly, but it is rare and should not be expected.

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You will generally only find disappointment if you expect magic to work instantly though. It takes time.