What are some not well known spirits you're working with?

So I’m making this thread for anyone who would like to post some spirits that they’re working with/or have worked with That aren’t really known too many people it seems like I see countless posts on All the most popular ones Lilith, Azazel and especially on Lucifer But I feel like I’m more attracted to the ones that are pretty much in the dark and are extremely ancient


I don’t do that , that’s a pathway to madness , it’s safer to work with spirits that are widely recognized and that people widely report results with .

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Try the many entities from the Enochian elemental tablets


If you want dark and ancient look into sumerian deities, like Marduk, Enki, Nanna, Anu… they help me a lot personally.

I also work with an aether from a prior emnation who goes by the name ASHURA.

I actually work with a ton of little known spirits, a lot I have met using shamanic techniques of letting them appear as they are, and not as I want. Intuitive searching ig.

Its okay ive been keeping the crazy nice and warm for everyone.


I work with Gusion he is my Gurdian nobody really talks about him but Fenrir also stays with me then i Had Dark Goddess Morrigan for a lil


I have some unknown Enochian angels vying for my attention. Not sure if that counts as “working with” though :thinking:


Mmm…That name seems familiar. I think either I heard about them from E.A. or Orlee a while back. Thanks for reminding me about them I’ll definitely do more research. :+1:

Oh cool I’ll Definitely do more research on them also! I remember Enki from what I remember I think he’s in the necronomicon.

Oh I remember Morrigan. I think she’s choosy on who she works with right?

Well if you know anything about them I am all ears! :+1:

Gamigin, Frucissiere, Rashoon, Taroon, Heliades, Styx, Sariel, Ammut, Amentet, Gallu just to name a few


Yeah the simon necronomicon is a great start. Iirc it doesnt talk about any “lovecraftian” entities, just sumerian ones. I wouldnt reccomend the practices from the book, but they would be a good starting point to formulate your own.

Also, with the necronomicon… if you look into practicing it I really suggest not overlooking the part about the “watchers”, I have 2 for myself and my opinion is that they are indispensable.


Madness is power honestly.


I have worked with beings called kais before. Similar to dragon ball but way stronger. Especially Shadow Kai Lacrosa.

As for beings i’m working with now, I love finding new spirits and developing relationships with them. I’ve been working with Azazel’s nethers for a while. I wanna work with nethers “under” the other gatekeepers, but I haven’t gotten the chance to yet.


I “work” with a lot of entities that aren’t known in mythology but are in a way connected to beings in mythology and myself.

I don’t have much a name for them atleast in physical tongue but in projection I know it just fine.


What do they do?

Yeah I work with not well known entities from my past lives, also I’m trying to work with the Prince’s and Princesses of the infernal empire that aren’t publicly known. Maybe one day I’ll make my own book on them and they’re teaching.


I’ll keep them in mind thank you!

try the 360 heads of the Earthzone or even the 91 Governors of the Enochian Aethyrs. Those are some amazing and powerful entities.

or the ELEMENTAL QUEENS, people talk a lot about elemental kings, but very few know about their Elemental Queen counterparts.


Right now, they basically yell at me in Enochian…but I don’t understand Enochian :disappointed:

sigh I got work to do with them apparently.