What are some must have crystals for a magician

Which crystals work best at clearing blockages, developing clairaudience, clairvoyance, and other psychic abilities. What are your top three?

Interested to see what @Aluriel has to say :slight_smile:

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Lepidolite is good for meditation and emotional stability.

Hematite is good for grounding.

Desert Rose is good for astral senses.

Pyrite is good for money spells and stuff.


black tourmaline is what I have been told I am to clear chakras. That will be my next purchase.


Rock crystal or, anyway, white quartz; I had one of these (besides a rose quartz, I hope to haven’t lost them)… Obsidian, maybe especially in form of sphere for scrying and, if interested in contacting celestial entities, angelite.


Everyone there is a special crystal, good luck finding it easily it was made known to me by someone else. Apophylite. Its a white quartz like crystal that… Will blow your mind at the sheer amount of power in it. You and anyone you know can run a hand above it and FEEL it.


Wait! If you don’t want to try finding it… I found out Amazon has some for sale! It helps aid and infuse you with angelic light, so it says. But man it is strong.

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Clear quartz, selenite, smoky quartz, obsidian[quote=“Serpent, post:1, topic:23088”]
developing clairaudience

Amethyst[quote=“Serpent, post:1, topic:23088”]

Amethyst[quote=“Serpent, post:1, topic:23088”]
psychic abilities


You should by the crystal bible. Also many crystals. Once you start, you cannot stop.


Shungite, black tourmaline, obsidian, quartz, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, amber


@Fuego1 question- Odin Stones - I have been drawn to Iron Odin Stones that I have found next to railroad tracks. Any insight?

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Be prepared for a somewhat lengthy post so I’ll break it down to answer each of your questions

Carnelian ( has the energies of the sun which is good for burning clearing away blockages ) ,

tigers eye ( very fierce good Crystal for working with high amounts of energy gets it going ) ,

obsidian (this is what’s been called as dragon glass as it’s basically crystallized magma, so it has a lot of draconian and fiery energies ) ,

selenite (raises your vibrations and clears hinges that inhabits them from vibrating at a higher frequency over time )


I’m guessing you meant crystals. I would use clear quartz for chakra work, for the psychic functions lapis lazuli is a good one.

Top 3 for me, in no particular order:

White Quartz - A suitable substitute for almost anything.

Septarian - Possesses all five elements due to the unique nature of it’s formation.

Snowflake Obsidian - I like this one because of it’s potential as an inhibitor to spirits, either as a barrier to prevent entry or escape.


Selenite I can’t stress hard enough is good for anything to do with spiritual senses, astral or otherwise. It’s not called angel stone for nothing.

Amethyst is good for developing your psychic senses as well, most purple stones are, in part due to their color associations.

Clear quartz works for this as well

The above also including lapis lazuli, good solid Crystal for developing your energies, obsidian works well too and Milky quartz is pretty great for this as well


Thank you all for your replies!

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I have heard before that quartz may also have the attribute of enhancing manifestations. Places with large amounts of naturally occurring quartz can often harbor more “hauntings”.

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@damia2hell … If I knew more about Odin Stones I might be of more help. I love geology and have a very basic understanding and have found and worked with certain rock types. Some crystals I extracted by hand. Periodite for example is a rare stone to find sometimes, but I’ve found some along rail tracks. Rails carry stones from everywhere, and as a results stones roll out and end up in nowhere.
Do you happen to know if its igneous, basaltic, Plutonic, or sedimentary?

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There is also a spirit that can discover things hid in the earth, and another spirit that can cause earthquakes. Just spitballing there.


the ones i would say are a must would be amethyst and lapis, for the reasons already spoken about in this post.
and Hematite for grounding. I also recommend laboradite which is a good complimentary crystal to amethyst


I use mostly onyx.

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They are not igneous to the area of the tracks but could be from a quary or mine in the area. I believe I know my road signs have been defined.