What are some impossible things you’ve accomplished w/ magick?

I need the impossible done. I’m trying to get a medical waiver approved to re enlist in the military.

My recruiter is full of shit, must be desperate for numbers and not realize prior service guys don’t count for quotas because he says I have a 90% chance of getting it after what he’s seen go through recently.

Either way nice of him to do all that extra paper work for me.

Not looking for “which demon do I call to do my bidding” but rather wanted to hear some of the impossible feats others have accomplished.

Mindset is everything in this practice. Thanks.


Best advice is to make total peace with not getting it.

Bit of indifference goes a damn long way

Aside from that: Archangel magick. Only if it seems vital to your very soul though

Almost all my posts seem “impossible.” Truth is damn strange though a lot of the time. Only common denominator is I was going with the flow


If it is impossible, how did I accomplish it with magic? Wouldn’t it by definition be possible if I could do it. You aren’t making enough sense.

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Several years ago I was still an early devotee and prayed to Erebus. I made a private oath to him, but in general I asked in turn if he would be able to allow me to continue my schooling as I was only starting my second year and couldn’t afford it anymore. It was also one of the first, clear instances of clairaudience I ever heard, his voice was deep and sanguine, but like gravel and he simply said “end of the month.” I had to clarify several times to make sure I wasn’t just going crazy. I’ve had clairaudience for a long time before that but nothing near as clear as that simple phrase.

Sure enough, the exact last day of the month I called the financial aid office and to ask what I could do about my tuition and they said I had none. I had received a grant that cleared all my tuition down to the exact penny, no more and no less. They were baffled because the serial / ID number didn’t match anything in their system, they didn’t know where it came from.

Might not be as crazy as some other stories but to this day I am so grateful because I have been able to continue university and will be applying for PhD programs soon.


@MottledZeitgeist The clearest clairaudience I’ve ever heard was one time when I was blinded by rage and walked out the door ready to fight someone.

I heard a female voice call my name clear as day but it sounded like it came from right behind my ears if that makes any sense.

I looked around and no one was there. I was the only one there. To this day I haven’t had clairaudience as clear as that.

I still don’t have it really. I don’t trust internal dialogue enough. I have to hear the demon speaking to me to believe our communication is clear.

I’m interested to know too

Uhh healing anxiety and depression I’ve had for years n not caring what ppl think at all

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Haven’t done a lot that was cray but I did lift a curse on one of my friends’ sisters from a magical attack. I didn’t even tell them I did it, she just texted me right after I did. Saying her sister was suddenly feeling completely fine when for over a month before that she was bedridden and vomitting. All I did was remove a dagger like object from her energy body. I had my doubts before that about magick but I can’t really explain away that one


I could have flown if I wanted to

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When you get really, fucking, once in a lifetime angry, declare all bets to be off and that it’s time to boogie you can change the global future and help an empire form. You can keep your oath and become a tear-gatherer, still harvesting long after you’re dead. You can declare “Fuck you and yours!” to tens of millions and have your declaration resonant unheard centuries into the future. I was highly caffeinated at the time.



Amazing! It’s Focalor who healed him?

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Yep which is fucking news to me because I thought he was all about killing. Apparently he’s into protecting too–as long as it’s someone he likes. And I guess ‘person who kills because they enjoy it’ is his style? I’ve been hearing him, Furcalor, for a while now and I think it’s because I’ve recently been in contact with this friend. He’s truthfully a deity that scared me a lot before yesterday when I reached desperation level stress.

But when I thought about his life and protecting him I was really scared and couldn’t think of any better being to call than the one that matches his personality pretty well and popped up when I met the friend and said, ‘Hey I like him, I’m with him and he’s my friend’ and came back to suggest he would help.


That’s beautiful


Hey, do you mind sharing your method?

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May i ask you to Dm me, Its much easier for me to explain there.

There are people who go around like they are the “reality police” and tell you what is possible and what is not. A lot of times they don’t even talk about the supernatural (ie, you can’t teleport or throw fireballs etc) but start dipping into things that have to do with social and cultural phenomenon. ie, you can’t make much money unless you do x, y, and z, like I said, or you will just be poor. (or some shit like that.)

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