What are some Grimoires to use for a Beginner Mage?

I’m new to this site and was wondering what are some books that are easy to learn from and would be good for someone with a basic practice in magic.


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As for Magick, a good start are Wiccan and pagan books they will teach you the basics and some will delve even a little into the advanced
Energy working is great to immerse your self into this world.
A good start is working on the seven main traditional chakras and a little bit of Reiki to learn how to focus energy on certain points.

Here are books I recommend
True Magick by Amber K (Basics of magick)
SpellCasting Beyond the Basics by Michael Furie (a little bit more advanced to get you going)
The complete guide to Chakras by Ambika Wauters (Good information on the chakras and how to activate them)
Magick of Reiki by Christopher Penczak (Adds magick to reiki to make things more unique and teaches plenty of energy working and adds even more to the traditional chakra system)

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Spiral Dance by Starhawk - Anything by Scott Cunningham, especially Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Moon Magic by DJ Conway is another favorite. Blessings - Irena Crowley

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Don’t read. Do. Study sigils and sigilisation. Then prepare some sigils. Write what each sigil means in your cheap paperback Magickal Journal for reference latter on. After a couple of weeks pick a sigil and if you don’t remember what it’s for then energise it and send it into your subconscious.

Learn what the rune Elhaz looks like, then adopt that body posture (if you can barefoot on earth, grass, etc) with palms facing up call in the energies you need. In time you’ll feel these build around your solar plexus. When you can’t collect any more - and while keeping your arms straight at all times - learn how to direct that energy through your palms, especially into sigils, talisman, Magickal weapons, etc.

Study Taro decks online. Find one that really attracts you, then keep looking until you find a deck that speaks to you. Don’t rush. If it takes weeks of searching it’s time well spent.


Try this de-stressing exercise. It’s simple but requires commitment. If you feel more comfortable by doing so, take off your shoes. Lay flat on a rug, mat or carpeted floor. Do not use a pillow or a mattress. The object of this exercise is to get your body to conform to the flatness of the surface you are laying on not to have that surface conform to you.

Start by taking a deep breath and expelling that breath as a sigh. The secret is to sigh like everyone and everything that you love in your life has just been taken away from you. Sigh like it could not get any worse. Sign three consecutive times and then commence to relax your toes. After you have relaxed your toes, relax your feet. Continue to relax your body all the way to the top of your head.

By the time you get to relax your knees you may find that your feet are no longer relaxed. This is not a failure on your part. It is natural. Simply sigh and start again at the toes.

As you work your way from the feet to the head and discover that a previously relaxed part of your body has tensed up again you must give a deep sigh before recommencing. This exercise should be continued for at least fifteen minutes and may require several sessions before you start to obtain results. It can be effectively used to induce deep sleep. As you maintain your regime you will find that within a few days your sleeping patterns, comprehension and energy levels improve. You will also notice a diminished level of nervous energy in your everyday life.

There! Satisfied?



If you wish to understand the left-hand path as a philosophy, I recommend reading Stephen Flowers’ book Lords Of The Left-Hand Path.

If you want to find out more about the comment I made regarding the fact some people DO harm children for occult reasons, read this thread:

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Here is one of my favorites. It is out of copyright so I will post a link:


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Konstantinos books are rather good for beginners if I remember correctly. Also Sorcerer’s secrets and Protection&reversal magic by Jason Miller. The Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis exercises are also pretty good though I took a different route. If your at all interested in runes then Futhark: a handbook of rune magic by Edred Thorsson is hard to beat.

Works of Darkness is absolutely amazing for beginners (and older magicians alike). It will give you the basic fundamentals and can be found on BecomeALivingGod.com Charles Cosimano has some free books on his site that you can read and even though they are on psionics, they are fun to read and can help get you into that LHP mindset. Welcome to the forum! Hope you stay and grow with us :smile:

As @Lady_Eva mentioned, “Lords of the Left Hand Path” is extraordinary and it gives you some basic philosophy about the LHP. - YouTube Here’s a free audiobook posted to EA’s channel that has more philosophy and morals on it. Not everyone believes in everything Timothy (or Flowers) says but it has some basic tenants most of us adhere to.