What are some good/trustworthy grimoires?

Greeting fellow magicians. I am a newbie, just starting out. I recently read Evoking Eternity which was an amazing book. I’m also going to be taking E.A.'s evocation course as soon as it comes out.
In the meantime, I’m trying to familiarize myself with as many spirits as possible.
Get to know their characteristics, what tasks they are appropriate to do for you, etc etc.
I’d appreciate if anyone can give me some names of some good grimoires so I can educate myself before the evocation course.

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If you are looking for traditional ceremonial grimoires that are completely workable. I would check out The True Grimoire by Jake Stratton Kent and Crossed Keys by Michael Cecchetelli at Scarlet Imprint. Otherwise, The Book of Azazel is definitely Solid.

If you looking for good New Age grimoires that work, I’ve heard good things about New Avatar Power and New Ishtar Power.

^ This guy speaks truth

The Book of Azazel. The Key of Ocat. Evoking Eternity works well too. Also you should have a working translation of at least the Goetia. that’s my .02