What are shadow people?

What are shadow people and what should I do if I encounter one?


Shadow people could be several things…
Disembodied spirit
Interdimensional being (I guess that’s an alien too)
Government agent

I would be most afraid of the last one. Haha, just kidding (no I’m not)

You should search on YouTube for Simon Parkes. He’s a politician from the uk. He’s done seminars and talks about this. He came out a few years ago about his experience and knowledge on this subject. Keep in mind, he’s an elected official! Very interesting videos indeed.

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I have heard they can be many things, but most commonly they take on the form of a “ghost”. I once dealt with a shadow spirit and it was not pleasant, they can be rather mischevous and malicious. Not sure if they supposedly human spirits that are disgruntled or what they really are but the one time I had the misfortune of dealing with one it came thru my black mirror as a result of a careless accidental newbie mistake several years ago, either that or it was already lingering around and my mirror and magick just attracted it to me further.

It created pure chaos and uneasy feelings in my home so I’m sure it’s no surprise that I did not try to confront it to figure out what it was and why it was there. Took forever to banish it too. Multiple attempts. But it only revealed itself in the form of a black shadow and it frequently showed up in photos that way and demons are rarely if ever captured on film, so this must have been human or something more mundane before it became what it was when it showed up in my home.

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What could turn something into a shadow person?

I have no clue what would turn something into a shadow person or how they come to be in existence. Back when that incident occured, I was actually pretty terrified of it and quite traumatized so you can imagine why I spent several months trying to forget about it as much as possible until the last few years when I learned to confront that fear, now things like that don’t bother me or scare me.

I was afraid that if I researched into it, I would be giving it attention and it may come back. Just mention the shadow figure to me or anyone else that experienced its presence with me, gave us instant chills like yeah, don’t talk about that. This thing fed off of fear. But now, I feel 100% comfortable talking about it as I learned more control over the years, so I think I will look into this further.


RavensAscent, let us know if you discover anything. I think I might have run into a few of them a few years back, now that I think about it. I’ve put it out of my mind until now. What was terrifying was that they would pin me down and keep me from speaking. I was told that they do this to prevent you from being able to banish them. I still remember the sounds they made.