What are my options

So this guy who lives on my couch is attacking me and my dad spiritually like psychically attacking us persistently my dad has a heart condition (pots disease) fibromyalgia and a hole in his brain from water in the brain any help would be appreciated

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If you wanna make him leave your home. You need 1 cup oil, like sunflower oil, patchouli and mandrake, sulfur, black candle and a jar or bottle with lid. Light the black candle, get in the right state of mind. Pour the oil and the herbs in the jar. Shake it well. Write the name of the person on a piece of paper and put it in and shake it. Now say something like X you are now bound to this jar, where the jar resides so will you, you will follow this jar. So it will be. Now go out and throw it in a river or put it on a train. Something that moves away from you. So not in a lake or trashcan. Good luck.


Also there’s a book called The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook, which has been really helpful for me when I needed it.


Bind him.

Also the book Angels of Wrath - there’s one for Exile to get him out of your life.

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I had this kind of problem sometime ago, the ritual I did was as follows::

  • Get yourself into your main intention (Know why you are doing this).

  • Connect emotionally to your intention ( acknowledge how the conditions makes you feel)

  • Say Psalm 91, and 140 with the pain (emotion) he has caused you.

  • Say Psalm 150 with joy that your request have been granted.

That is all. Easy but powerful! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Thank you

I tried binding him before it didn’t even work for a full day

Thank you I will check it out

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I will try this out when I get the money to buy that

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You are welcome. Good luck

Good luck to you also

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