What are Jinn? Is this simply an Arabic word for spiri? Or a different class

Do you know this in my photo of the sigil of gin?

This is true. They do have religions; they live in tribes. Jinns that are “Pagans”/Disbelivers, they are the most dangerous Jinns.
They can have relationships with humans, but once human marries a Jinn, human dies/becomes apart of the realm of Jinns.

Iblis is Satan.


Beware, Jinns don’t care much about fulfilling tasks as much as Demons do.
Though if you start “bothering” her about the task, she’ll either graze you; damage your vital organs or simply take your soul.
They’re mortal with the ability to take souls of other beings.

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I don’t know much about them, but I know some people believe they’re fire elementals.
Hence, ‘of smoke’, ‘path of smoke’

This may be the reason why some myths place King Paimon as a King Of Djinn, and some other opinions an elemental spirit.

According to VK, and others, Azazel and King Paimon are the same. However, they do not exist in a simultaneous identity (ie, if you evoke Azazel, it’s not KP).

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Djinn are traditionally regarded as wind and fire spirits.

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Coming from an Arabic, Middle Eastern, country, I can write you down pages and pages about Jinn, and stories that many told over generations.
Yes, they have religions and live in tribes. They also worship God (at least some of them does).
They were made invisible to us as we cannot see them with our own eyes years ago. Before that they used to live in a parallel world to ours, without even a veil, as they promised not to interfere with Humans. That until Jinniyat (or daughters of Jinn) started to fall in love with Human males. Which they took as wives and ended up cursed that the veil was raised.

My grandmother once told me about a Priest that was abducted by the Jinn, and was asked to marry them in the forest of the village. He asked to take his ceremonial clothes, which he burnt with a cigarette in order to make sure he’s not dreaming.
He wakes up the next day and opens the closet. Which he found his clothes burnt at the same place he did. (excuse my English, I’m translating the story from Arabic - my mother tongue)

Several similar stories about abductions or Jinn taking humans in the night are always told by old-town folks. They also say if you made a pact correctly, they will grant you any wish you want. They can choose to work with you and call upon you even before you were born.
They act like you shadow, and can either be loving or unleash hell on you.

Any Sheikh or leader in a Muslim community or organization tend to keep a Jinn that helps him in his deeds and bindings, exorcisms, rituals…etc.
They also use them to either cause or break a curse, remove an evil eye effect, help a girl get married or cause her to be unlucky in Love.
There most effect as I’ve noticed was in the matters of Love, Luck in Love and marriage, and Money. They cannot help in healing nor serve properly in such contexts.
They’re mostly Arab Spirits Who Can Eat, Sleep, Have Sex, and communicate.
They are mortal and can reciprocate.

According to El-Zein, pagan Arabs (big believers in the occult) worshipped jinn long before Islam was introduced in the seventh century, believing that the spirits were masters of certain crafts and elements of nature who had the power to turn plots of land fertile. Jinn are believed to both interact with humans in our reality and lead their own lives in a separate realm. “As spiritual entities, the jinn are considered dual dimensional, with the ability to live and operate in both manifest and invisible domains,” El-Zein writes.

Hope this can help somehow.


The father of all Jinn created from the fires of samum, sometimes identified with Azazel.


In Islam, there are no ghosts/poltergeists, there are Jinns (they are mostly neutral, quick to fall in love with a human and thus posses her/him, they can be Christian/Catholic/Muslim). They’re born same as us. And they’re Mortal.
Bad Jinns are called Shaitan. They deny existence of God and hate humans.
They live in tribes and are territorial, primitive humanoid beings.
To a human they appear in form of a snake and in form of a dog. But the only difference you’ll notice is that in whichever form they appear, they’ll have glowing red eyes.

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I forgot to mention that Jinns are beings of Smokeless Fire.

I work with the jinn Lalla Malika