What are Genii [like Zaffek or Schiekron]?

What is a genius spirit? My mind can’t seem to quite understand what or how their nature is exactly so thoughts are welcome.

They’re a lot like animistic “lesser gods” in a sense if I understand correctly.

Not unlike the Shinto “Kami” 神

You’ll find there are similar concepts around the world.

The personal Genius could be seen as a form of the HGA I suppose.

On the personal level, you could call it part of a “soul complex”.

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You mean this genius spirit? According to this article it originated as the spirit of he household, like a Brownie/Hbgoblin/Domovoy/Tomtem… but it also has the meaning that is basically your own higher self.

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I meant genius spirits like Zaffek or Schiekron ; they seem to have a ruling hour…

Thank you. Would you suggest working with them as with any other spirit?

Oh from Crowley’s Liber 777? That usage is a borrowing of he older term, so I have updated the title to avoid confusion.


Thank you.

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